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Saturday October 1st, 2022 evening edition

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ISTANBUL, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Turkey's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it rejects Russia's annexation of four regions in Ukraine, adding the decision is a "grave violation" of international law.

Turkey, a NATO member, has conducted a diplomatic balancing act since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Ankara opposes Western sanctions on Russia and has close ties with both Moscow and Kyiv, its Black Sea neighbours.

It has also criticised Russia's invasion and sent armed drones to Ukraine.

The Turkish ministry said on Saturday it had not recognised Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, adding that it rejects Russia's decision to annex the four regions, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

"This decision, which constitutes a grave violation of the established principles of international law, cannot be accepted," the ministry said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed the annexation of the regions on Friday, promising Moscow would triumph in its "special military operation" even as he faced a potentially serious new military reversal. »

Newsom signs bill protecting transgender youths and families fleeing red-state policies

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Again heralding California as a refuge from discriminatory policies in conservative states, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday signed into law a bill that aims to protect transgender youths and their families from bans against gender-affirming care.

In a signing message, Newsom said that state laws attempting to ban medical care for transgender people younger than 18 “demonize” the community and are an act of hate.

We believe that no one should be prosecuted or persecuted for getting the care they need — including gender-affirming care,” Newsom said. »

Deep in the Void by Whackland Studios

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Deep in the Void plays in a Sci-fi Universe where you, the Player, were part of a Space Expedition with others from your home World.

She tries to scan the surroundings and tells you to start mining the asteroids close to the Station.

The end goal of the Game is to construct a Warp Drive Device to rescue you and your people. »

Source: Stadia turned down an exclusive Death Stranding follow-up from Kojima

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Before Google closed down the division in 2021, Stadia Games and Entertainment turned down the opportunity to have an exclusive follow-up to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Before that shutdown, Google was working with quite a few well known developers in the gaming industry to craft Stadia exclusive titles.

A source has told 9to5Google that the game Kojima was working on was meant to be a Stadia-exclusive follow-up to Death Stranding, a game which initially launched as a PlayStation exclusive in 2019. »

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Accidentally Leaked by Lance Reddick

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Horizon Forbidden West could be getting an expansion or DLC as it was leaked through Lance Reddick, who plays the character of Sylens in the series.

While Guerrilla Games hasn’t officially confirmed that a sequel or expansion to Horizon Forbidden West is in development, they have previously released Frozen Wilds as an expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is not a surprise to see that they might be similarly working on an expansion for Horizon Forbidden West. »