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Thursday September 29th, 2022 night edition

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The US Embassy in Moscow issued a security alert overnight that again urged US citizens to leave Russia immediately while there are still options for departing the country.

The alert comes in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order for partial mobilization of Russian men to fight in his war in Ukraine.

“Russia may refuse to acknowledge dual nationals’ US citizenship, deny their access to US consular assistance, prevent their departure from Russia, and conscript dual nationals for military service,” the alert said.

The embassy has consistently warned Americans not to travel to Russia and to depart the country immediately if there.

The embassy alert urged US citizens to “avoid all political or social protests and do not photograph security personnel at these events,” noting that “the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are not guaranteed in Russia.”.

The security alert said the embassy “has severe limitations on its ability to assist US citizens, and conditions, including transportation options, may suddenly become even more limited.”.

“If you wish to depart Russia, you should make independent arrangements as soon as possible,” it said. »

Man caught on video urinating on ex-wife’s grave ‘almost every morning,’ NJ reports say

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A man in New Jersey is accused of habitually urinating on his ex-wife’s grave, according to media reports.

The 68-year-old man visited the cemetery “almost every morning between 6:14 a.m. and 6:18 a.m. with his current wife” and urinated on Torello’s grave, according to the Post.

DNA testing proved the man was indeed the child’s father, according to the Post, and Torello remarried later. »

Iran’s Crisis of Legitimacy

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The protests present the Iranian regime with a far more immediate crisis than the selection of Khamenei’s eventual successor.

In preparing for the succession of a new supreme leader, the deep state seeks, above all, to preserve the status quo.

Across Iran, thousands of angry protesters continue to chant “death to Khomeini,” “clerics get out,” and “Mojtaba, may you die and not become Supreme Leader.” »