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Wednesday September 28th, 2022 day edition

image for A subreddit post is trolling Texas' controversial content-moderation law by requiring every comment to include Gov. 'Greg Abbott is a little piss baby'

A subreddit post is trolling the law by only allowing "Greg Abbott is a little piss baby" comments.

The author of the post wants to "flagrantly" break the law, and "raise awareness.".

A post on the PoliticalHumor subreddit is only allowing comments that say Texas Gov. "Greg Abbott is a little piss baby" to raise awareness of the state's social media content-moderation law.

BlatantConservative said the post is in response to Texas H.B. 20, which they called "a ridiculous attempt to control social media."

The law affects social media platforms that have more than 50 million active users a month in the US.

The post is meant to "break the law," BlatantConservative said, "Partially to raise awareness of the bullshit of it all, but mainly because we find it funny.".

At the bottom of the post, BlatantConservative added a link for users to file a complaint to the Texas Attorney General's office about being "censored" . »

Teen Girl at Center of Fontana Amber Alert Killed in Shootout With Police After Pursuit

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The murder-and-kidnapping suspect in Monday's Amber Alert and the teen girl are dead after a police pursuit ended with shots fired and a shutdown of the 15 Freeway in Victorville.

The chaos began Tuesday when a citizen called 911 and reported seeing the suspect and 15-year-old girl at the center of an Amber Alert in a white truck in the area of Barstow.

The Amber Alert was deactivated just after 11:30 a.m. **This AMBER Alert has been deactivated. »

Cam Site Offers Hans Niemann $1 Million to Play Chess Nude to Prove He Didn't Cheat

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A popular cam site extended is offering $1 million to controversial Grandmaster Hans Niemann to broadcast himself playing a live game of chess completely naked.

The cheating scandal has lit the chess world on fire, and has become the biggest scandal in chess in recent memory.

Others theorized that Niemann could have used a "shoe computer" connected to an AI, thus, the suggestion that he play nude. »

What Mobilization Means for Russia

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Polling data suggest that, prior to the mobilization, the war retained the support of more than 75 percent of Russians.

It bears emphasis that calling for mobilization is much simpler than carrying it out, something Russia has not done for decades.

Augmenting repression in the midst of a chaotic mobilization has already generated unrest in some places, including the burning of mobilization points. »

NATO 'Closely' Watching Baltic Sea Situation as Pipeline Sabotage Suspected

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"NATO is monitoring the situation in the Baltic Sea closely," the NATO official said.

Speaking at Tuesday's ceremony, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claimed that enemy action was behind the Nord Stream pipeline incidents.

Read more Putin Only Needed Nord Stream Pipeline for Blackmail or War: EU Official Putin Only Needed Nord Stream Pipeline for Blackmail or War: EU Official. »