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Tuesday September 27th, 2022 morning edition

image for Matt Gaetz draws only six viewers to his inaugural Twitch stream

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz announced last week that he would be throwing his hat into the online streaming ring and starting his own Twitch channel.

According to data from Sully Gnome and Twitch Tracker, the top one per cent of Twitch streams have an average of approximately 20 concurrent viewers during their streams.

That being said, Mr Gaetz has an inherent advantage over a 16-year-old hoping to stream their Dungeons and Dragons campaign or their latest video game speed run — he's a congressman.

Mr Gaetz has 1.7m followers on Twitter, but it appears that very few — at least at this point — have followed him onto Twitch.

He has 1,600 followers on the platform, but anyone can follow an account — subscriptions and viewers are what counts toward monetisation on Twitch.

Based on the symbols used by the chatters, it appears most of the people mocking Mr Gaetz appeared to be fans of leftist Twitch streamer Hasan Piker.

Sliker has admitted to asking fellow streamers and viewers for money under false pretenses and has apologised. »

Pennsylvania school district accused of banning Girls Who Code book series

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A school district in Pennsylvania temporarily banned the Girls Who Code book series for young readers, according to an index of banned books compiled by the free expression non-profit, Pen America.

A recent update to Pen America’s banned book index included the Central York school district in Pennsylvania as banning the books The Friendship Code, Team BFF: Race to the Finish!, Lights, Music, Code!

The series is in partnership with Girls Who Code, a non-profit that runs computer coding clubs and programming in schools for girls. »

P.E.I.'s iconic Teacup Rock is gone after post-tropical storm Fiona

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P.E.I.'s iconic Teacup Rock is gone after post-tropical storm Fiona walloped the Island for more than 12 hours over the weekend, leaving widespread destruction and tens of thousands without power.

Teacup Rock at Thunder Cove Beach was one of the Island's most photographed rock formations.

Marg Chisholm-Ramsay also snapped photos of the void where Teacup Rock used to be on Sunday. »

Italy’s Election Paradox: Why America and the EU Should Root for a Far-Right Populist

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She is now shedding her formerly populist public image, instead presenting herself as something more like a traditional conservative.

However, other parties systematically excluded it from government, and the U.S.-aligned, centrist Christian Democratic Party dominated successive Italian governments.

By softening her formerly populist stance considerably over the past months, Meloni has shown that she understands the stakes. »

Less than 2% of U.S. adults have gotten updated Covid booster shots

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The White House estimates the number to be closer to 5 million doses of the new booster, The Associated Press reported.

“I would expect a much higher proportion of Americans to have gotten the booster by this point,” he said.

The CDC recommends that everyone over 12 get an updated booster, as long as at least two months have passed since their last Covid shot. »