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Tuesday September 27th, 2022 evening edition

image for Farmers among Russians drafted into the military, Putin says

MOSCOW, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Farmers are among the Russians being drafted into the military, President Vladimir Putin told a meeting with officials on Tuesday, signalling potential further risks for the 2023 crop.

Autumn is a busy season for farmers as they sow winter wheat for the next year's crop and harvest soybeans and sunflower seeds.

As part of the partial mobilisation, agricultural workers are also being drafted.

I ask you to pay special attention to this issue," Putin told the televised meeting.

Officials have said 300,000 more Russians will be called up to serve as part of the mobilisation campaign.

Some regions bordering Ukraine in the southern and central part of Russia, such as the Kursk region, are major grain producers.

Putin also told the meeting that Russia is on track to harvest a record grain crop of 150 million tonnes, including 100 million tonnes of wheat, in 2022. »

Cam Site Offers Hans Niemann $1 Million to Play Chess Nude to Prove He Didn't Cheat

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A popular cam site extended is offering $1 million to controversial Grandmaster Hans Niemann to broadcast himself playing a live game of chess completely naked.

The cheating scandal has lit the chess world on fire, and has become the biggest scandal in chess in recent memory.

Others theorized that Niemann could have used a "shoe computer" connected to an AI, thus, the suggestion that he play nude. »

Secret Service took cellphones of 24 agents involved in agency's Jan. 6 riot response

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It is unclear what, if any, information the Office of Inspector General has been able to obtain from the cellphones.

One source familiar with the Secret Service decision to comply with Cuffari’s request said some agents were upset their leaders were quick to confiscate the phones without their input.

But given that the phones belong to the agency, the source explained, the agents had little say in the matter. »

University of Idaho releases memo warning employees that promoting abortion is against state law

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According to a memo the university’s general counsel sent to all employees Friday, Idaho law prohibits university employees from promoting, counseling or referring someone for an abortion, and prohibits the institution from dispensing drugs classified as emergency contraception except in cases of rape.

The University of Idaho and other public schools across Idaho are subject to the law since they are state-funded institutions.

Emily Frandsen, spokesperson for Idaho State University in Pocatello, said the university has not issued a similar memo but follows Idaho’s abortion laws, including the law prohibiting public funding from being used for counseling, promoting or referring individuals for abortion. »