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Tuesday September 27th, 2022 day edition

image for University of Idaho releases memo warning employees that promoting abortion is against state law

According to a memo the university’s general counsel sent to all employees Friday, Idaho law prohibits university employees from promoting, counseling or referring someone for an abortion, and prohibits the institution from dispensing drugs classified as emergency contraception except in cases of rape.

The University of Idaho and other public schools across Idaho are subject to the law since they are state-funded institutions.

The guidance says UI employees cannot dispense birth control to students under the Idaho law.

Jodi Walker, spokesperson for the University of Idaho, said in an email that the university follows all laws, and the guidance is meant to help employees understand the legal significance and possible ramifications of the law.

“Employees engaging in their course of work in a manner that favors abortion could be deemed as promoting abortion.

Emily Frandsen, spokesperson for Idaho State University in Pocatello, said the university has not issued a similar memo but follows Idaho’s abortion laws, including the law prohibiting public funding from being used for counseling, promoting or referring individuals for abortion.

The law also prohibits publicly funded facilities from providing abortions or abortion training, and bars them from contracting with abortion providers. »

Mobilised Russians call hotline to ask how to surrender

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Andrii Yusov, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, said that the ministry’s hotline has received many calls from Russians who had recently been called up and who are now asking how to surrender to Ukraine.

Quote: "The hotline has received a lot of calls from Russians who were called up recently, and even from some who have even been called up yet.

Russian occupation authorities have said that they were planning to form "voluntary" battalions in the occupied territories in southern Ukraine. »

A Capitol rioter who received phone call from the White House on Jan. 6 was identified as a 26-year-old Trump-loving New Yorker who joked about shooting Nancy Pelosi

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CNN revealed the identity of a Capitol rioter who received a phone call from the White House on Jan. 6.

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The Capitol rioter who received a perplexing nine-second phone call from inside the White House on the afternoon of January 6, 2021, has been identified by CNN. »

P.E.I.'s iconic Teacup Rock is gone after post-tropical storm Fiona

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P.E.I.'s iconic Teacup Rock is gone after post-tropical storm Fiona walloped the Island for more than 12 hours over the weekend, leaving widespread destruction and tens of thousands without power.

Teacup Rock at Thunder Cove Beach was one of the Island's most photographed rock formations.

Marg Chisholm-Ramsay also snapped photos of the void where Teacup Rock used to be on Sunday. »

Italy’s Election Paradox: Why America and the EU Should Root for a Far-Right Populist

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She is now shedding her formerly populist public image, instead presenting herself as something more like a traditional conservative.

However, other parties systematically excluded it from government, and the U.S.-aligned, centrist Christian Democratic Party dominated successive Italian governments.

By softening her formerly populist stance considerably over the past months, Meloni has shown that she understands the stakes. »