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Monday September 26th, 2022 evening edition

image for Jan 6 committee members say they believe Trump was responsible for the riot, and the panel might unanimously refer him for prosecution

Jan 6. committee members Schiff and Cheney spoke about the Capitol riot investigation on Sunday.

But they said the panel will give a unanimous verdict either way when it decides whether to refer Trump for prosecution.

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Two of the most senior members of the House Jan. 6 committee said they believe Donald Trump committed wrongdoing in relation to the riot, but said that the committee will act unanimously when it decides whether or not to refer the former president for prosecution.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democratic member of the committee; and Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican, discussed the investigation in separate interviews over the weekend.

Schiff said that he will make his decision align with the rest of the committee so that the committee acts unanimously, even though he believes Trump should be referred.

Committee members have previously given mixed signals about whether Trump will be referred for prosecution, with Rep. Bennie Thompson's saying in June that the panel would not refer the former president for prosecution. »

Mum left in hospital for days after dog pooed in her face as she slept

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A woman spent three days in hospital - after her daughter's dog accidently did a poo on her face while she was asleep.

Amanda Gommo, 51, was taking an afternoon nap with chihuahua Belle when the pooch became ill and had violent diarrhoea.

She ran to the bathroom to be sick but later ended up in hospital with a gastrointestinal infection - passed on from the pooch. »

Italy’s Election Paradox: Why America and the EU Should Root for a Far-Right Populist

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She is now shedding her formerly populist public image, instead presenting herself as something more like a traditional conservative.

However, other parties systematically excluded it from government, and the U.S.-aligned, centrist Christian Democratic Party dominated successive Italian governments.

By softening her formerly populist stance considerably over the past months, Meloni has shown that she understands the stakes. »

Jeremy Corbyn played a version of 'Doom' that lets you 'kill Thatcher'

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Jeremy Corbyn has been enjoying playing a version of the video game Doom which lets you 'kill Margaret Thatcher'.

The former Labour leader was snapped playing the modded version on an arcade machine over the weekend.

Twitter user @letshugbro posted a series of pictures on his profile, showing him building the game into an arcade machine. »