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Sunday September 25th, 2022 night edition

image for Putin signs law stipulating ten years behind bars for desertion and surrender

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law amending the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to specify harsher penalties for desertion, looting and surrender.

Source: Interfax news agency, with a link to the official legal information portal of the Russian Federation.

Details: In particular, the law introduces the concepts of "mobilisation", "martial law" and "wartime" to the Criminal Code.

One of the new ones is Article 352.1 ("Voluntary surrender").

A Russian soldier can face 3-10 years in prison for this, if there are no indications of treason.

At the same time, the law proposes to consider the commission of this crime "during a period of mobilisation, martial law or wartime" as aggravating circumstances (Article 63).

The penalty for unauthorised leave during a period of mobilisation and martial law (Article 337 of the Criminal Code) is more severe than in peacetime. »

Vets benefits poised for biggest cost of living boost in 40 years

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Federal officials aren’t expected to announce the Social Security benefits adjustment until mid-October.

Social Security and some other federal benefits are adjusted each year, to reflect increases in basic family costs like rent, groceries and utilities.

Advocates have pushed in the past to permanently link the veterans benefits and Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, but thus far have not been successful. »

GTA 6: IMDB Listing Reportedly Confirmed Narrator For Female Protagonist

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The most popular GTA series is finally on its long road to welcoming the next iteration in the series, GTA 6.

Now we have more details about the game’s main protagonist, as the narrator for the lead female role has been revealed in the IMDB listing.

The top cast section of GTA 6 listing on IMDB has featured Alexandra Echavarri as Narrator for the female protagonist. »

A mysterious voice is haunting American Airlines’ in-flight announcements and nobody knows how

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Here’s an MP3 of the audio with just the groans, moans, and grunts, with some of the background noise filtered out.

But Emerson is one of several people who have experienced this on multiple different American Airlines flights.

The fact that the captain’s announcements are overriding (ducking) it but the flight attendants aren’t is also an indication it’s coming from that system. »

An advisor to the January 6 committee said he traced a call from a rioter's phone to the White House while the Capitol was under siege

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An advisor with the Jan. 6 committee said that he traced a call from a rioter to the White House.

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Riggleman said in the interview that he wasn't able to confirm who in the White House was on the other line. »