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Sunday September 25th, 2022 morning edition

image for Ted Cruz said Republicans don't criticize Trump because if they do, 'he turns around and punches them in the face' for it.

Ted Cruz said Republicans don't criticize Donald Trump because he "punches them in the face" for it.

Cruz said many Republicans asked themselves how to "deal with Trump" and his incendiary political style.

Cruz also praised policy achievements under Trump, who was once a staunch opponent that insulted his wife.

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Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said his Republican peers are hesitant to criticize former President Donald Trump because if they do, Trump "turns around and punches them in the face.".

"Why are people reluctant on the Republican side to criticize Donald Trump?

Cruz and Trump were staunch opponents in the 2016 presidential election, during which time Trump made several disparaging comments about Cruz and his family, though he later apologized. »

Rudy Giuliani Has 2 Weeks to Pay Ex-Wife $225K or Face Jail Time

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If Giuliani doesn't pay by Oct. 7, he could be arrested.

Judith Giuliani had asked the judge to hold her former husband in contempt for falling behind on his payments under their 2019 divorce settlement.

Katz told Giuliani earlier that he was in default for not having filed papers in response to Judith’s allegations. »

Zelensky offers guarantees for Russian soldiers who surrender

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday offered guaranteed protections to Russian soldiers who surrender amid the conflict between the countries after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was calling up 300,000 reservists to replenish Russian forces.

Appealing directly to Russians during an address, Zelensky said Ukraine could guarantee three terms to Russian soldiers in exchange for their surrender.

Putin reportedly signed laws on Saturday strengthening the penalty for Russian soldiers who voluntarily surrender to up to 10 years in prison. »

Vets benefits poised for biggest cost of living boost in 40 years

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Federal officials aren’t expected to announce the Social Security benefits adjustment until mid-October.

Social Security and some other federal benefits are adjusted each year, to reflect increases in basic family costs like rent, groceries and utilities.

Advocates have pushed in the past to permanently link the veterans benefits and Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, but thus far have not been successful. »

Churches Using "Shameware" Apps to Make Sure Members Don't Watch Porn

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New members joining Gracepoint’s congregation are asked to install an app called Covenant Eyes, which is explicitly marketed as an "anti-pornography" app.

But as it turns out, Wired found that these apps, namely Covenant Eyes as well as Accountable2You, are doing a lot more than monitoring users’ porn habits.

And Gracepoint isn't alone in employing the shady tech, as Wired discovered that several other churches coerce members into installing various forms of shameware apps. »