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Saturday September 17th, 2022 morning edition

image for Georgia Prosecutor Investigating Trump Says “Prison Sentences” Are on the Table

Is Donald Trump ever going to be brought to justice for his decades of shady, unethical, seemingly criminal activity?

On the other, the Georgia prosecutor investigating Team Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election is literally out here talking about potential prison sentences.

She also said that an official decision on whether to call Trump before a special grand jury will likely be made “late this fall.”.

They are simply too entangled factually and legally in the attempt to use fake electors and other means to overturn the Georgia election results.”

While Willis declined to comment on recent court filings regarding the alleged harassment, she told the Post: “I hate a bully.

Obviously, I think we would find it offensive to bully an election official to influence an election.”.

Apart from Trump and Giuliani, Willis’s office is also scrutinizing onetime Trump attorney Sidney Powell. »

Wellington Board of Trustees takes action against book bans in the town's public library

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Wellington Board of Trustees takes action against book bans in the town's public library.

Nearly a month after a resident group sought to ban or restrict books at Wellington's public library, the town's governing board voted in favor of a resolution that prevents the board from restricting access to materials at the library.

An overwhelming majority of residents who packed the community board room Tuesday made public comments to the board in favor of the resolution that effectively bans any book ban at the library. »

Pizza Hut Invents 'Italian Taco' to Take on Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

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But with the Mexican Pizza officially returning to Taco Bell menus today, we still must face an inconvenient truth: Is the Mexican Pizza really a pizza?

Though they didn't explicitly call out the Mexican Pizza for pizza appropriation, Pizza Hut has launched a campaign that's sure to raise some eyebrows.

So regardless of whether you're Team Mexican Pizza or Team Italian Taco, it's the shareholders who win. »

Suikoden 1 and 2: Konami's Cult Classic RPGs are Being Remastered

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Suikoden 1 and 2, the beloved Konami RPGs, will return as HD remasters for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Switch in 2023.

You can check out an exclusive clip of the Neclord boss battle from the Suikoden 2 remaster below:.

In our review of the original game, we called it "undeniably one of the best RPGs ever made." »

Migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard moving to US military base

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Migrants who were flown to the wealthy US island of Martha’s Vineyard this week in what critics have denounced as a “cruel political stunt” by Republican lawmakers are being moved to a military base, Massachusetts state officials announced.

The move left some of the Martha’s Vineyard residents who volunteered to shelter the migrants in a church for two nights in tears.

On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two buses carrying approximately 100 migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in the US capital. »