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Saturday September 17th, 2022 evening edition

image for Criticism intensifies after big oil admits ‘gaslighting’ public over green aims

The organization accused Shell of a “legacy of violence and of ignoring the wellbeing of communities across the globe”.

The revelations are part of the third hearing held by the House committee on oversight and reform on how the fossil-fuel industry sought to hamper the effort to address the climate crisis.

Democrats, who lead the committee, called top executives from the oil companies to testify last year, in which they denied they had misled the public.

“If there is one thing consistent about the oil and gas majors’ position on climate, it’s their utter inability to tell the truth,” Wiles added.

Ro Khanna, co-chair of the committee, said the new documents are “explosive” and show a “culture of intense disrespect” to climate activists.

The oil giants’ “climate pledges rely on unproven technology, accounting gimmicks and misleading language to hide the reality,” he added.

“Big oil executives are laughing at the people trying to protect our planet while they knowingly work to destroy it.”. »

Doctors remove 50 AA and AAA batteries from woman's gut and stomach

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Doctors in Ireland removed 50 batteries from a woman's gut and stomach after she swallowed them in an apparent act of deliberate self-harm.

The team then cut a small hole in the stomach and removed 46 batteries from the organ; these included both AA and AAA batteries.

"The deliberate ingestion of multiple large AA batteries as a form of deliberate self-harm is an unusual presentation," the doctors reported. »

Putin’s Next Move in Ukraine

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Already, the nationalist pro-war forces he has released have become more and more dissatisfied with the conduct of the war.

By announcing a mobilization, the Kremlin would risk domestic opposition to a war that most Russians are unprepared to fight.

He may seek to change the war by finding a middle way between full mobilization and continuing the status quo. »

'Now 15 per cent is rude:' Tipping fatigue hits customers as requests rise

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Tipping fatigue is hitting consumers as requests for gratuities increase and spread to new businesses amid the rise of automated payment machines and preset tip suggestions.

Tipping prompts at some point-of-sale terminals increasingly suggest amounts ranging from 18 to 30 per cent, though another amount can be manually added.

But prices are also more expensive and then I'm being asked to tip 25 per cent as a preset option.". »

Casino company Hard Rock to spend $100 million to raise employee wages

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Cheers and tears — that’s how thousands of Hard Rock workers reacted when they learned their paychecks are about to get a lot bigger.

As inflation surges and recession fears linger, Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming will spend more than $100 million to raise wages significantly for half of its U.S. workforce, more than 10,000 employees.

In Florida, where the company is headquartered, some team members could get $16,000 more than the state’s minimum wage, Hard Rock said. »