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Thursday September 15th, 2022 day edition

image for Another Putin Ally Dead After ‘Suffocating’ on Business Trip

Another top ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has died this week, this time of an alleged “stroke” while on a business trip in the village of Roshchino in Russia’s far east region.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Sungorkin, 68, was editor-in-chief of the Russian state newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to the newspaper, Sungorkin died “suddenly” after showing signs of “suffocation” during the trip on Wednesday.

We were driving, we were already making our way towards Khabarovsk, we planned to get there in the evening today, and from there to Moscow.

All was good,” his colleague Leonid Zakharov, who had accompanied him on the business trip, wrote in a story for KP.

According to Zakharov, Sungorkin fell unconscious minutes after suggesting their group “find a beautiful place somewhere… for lunch.”.

Sungorkin’s passing comes amid a string of mysterious deaths of top Putin allies this month. »

Sanders blocks proposal to force rail unions to accept labor deal

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“The rail industry has seen huge profits in recent years and last year alone made a record-breaking $20 billion in profit,” Sanders said.

By contrast, Sanders said that workers in the freight rail industry are “entitled to a grand total of zero sick days.”.

GOP senators, however, say their resolution would avoid a “disastrous” rail strike, which could freeze rail travel and freight shipment around the country. »

Australians want Steve Irwin on their money and not King Charles

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Australians have been suggesting iconic Aussie celebrities to replace the Queen on the country's banknotes, with zookeeper and national treasure Steve Irwin being a popular choice.

Following the Queen's death on September 8, the Australian National Bank announced the next day that King Charles III will appear on their $5 notes in the late monarch's place.

Irwin, otherwise known as the Crocodile Hunter, died in September 2006 after he was struck in the chest by a stingray barb. »

The Unkept Promises of Western Aid

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Moreover, they disguise meaningful deficits in the resources that developing countries need to make progress and address the climate crisis.

The committee works to support “the economic development and welfare of developing countries” and bases its rules on political consensus.

In some developing countries, Chinese loans have eclipsed traditional Western aid and given China a political and diplomatic advantage. »

R. Kelly found guilty on 6 counts of child pornography in federal trial

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Kelly had faced 13 counts, including charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, receipt of child pornography, enticement of a minor to engage in unlawful sexual conduct, conspiring to obstruct justice and conspiring to receive child pornography.

Kelly, whose legal name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was tried alongside two co-defendants, former business manager Derrel McDavid and associate Milton “June” Brown.

Kelly was previously tried in Cook County on child pornography charges relating to the same video and was acquitted. »