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Monday September 12nd, 2022 night edition

image for World's largest container line is rerouting its fleet to avoid collisions with endangered blue whales, the largest animals on earth

Blue whales, which are endangered, grow to be 80 feet long and can live for 80 years.

The largest container line in the world has rerouted its ships passing near the coast of Sri Lanka in order to avoid potential collisions with endangered blue whales.

"By ensuring these small changes, MSC is making a significant difference for these endangered whales.

"Re-routeing is the key hope to turn the tide for blue whales off Sri Lanka.

Blue whales are the largest living animals on earth.

While hunting blue whales is prohibited, the species continues to be threatened, primarily due to declines in its primary food source, krill.

MSC became the largest container line in the world earlier this year, with a fleet capable of carrying 4.3 million standard 20-foot containers. »

Democrats should not allow extremist MAGA candidates to ‘rebrand’ themselves going into November

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Extremists and hypocrites, these candidates have handed Democrats plenty of material for a compelling campaign narrative that can energize their party’s base, while attracting independents and moderate Republicans.

She declared that the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago demonstrated that “our government is rotten to the core.”.

An extremist even among extremists, Doug Mastriano, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, remains a fervent election denier. »

Xi to meet Putin in first trip outside China since COVID began

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Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, China February 4, 2022.

China's president will then meet Putin at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's summit in the ancient Silk Road city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Kremlin said.

Putin's foreign policy aide, Yuri Ushakov, told reporters last week that the Russian president was expected to meet Xi at the summit. »

A former federal prosecutor said he's frustrated that Trump has yet to be indicted after 'criming in the harsh light of day'

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Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Friday expressed his frustration that Donald Trump has not yet been hit with an indictment.

The Justice Department is now investigating whether Trump violated any laws pertaining to the handling of government documents. »