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Sunday September 11st, 2022 evening edition

image for A teen filmed LAPD officers arresting his friend. Then he ended up in handcuffs

Still, he was surprised when the officers suddenly drove onto the grass to intercept the pair and immediately took Cortez’s friend and another man into custody.

“I knew that what I was doing wasn’t wrong and I wanted to capture it on film.”.

The incident has sparked a use-of-force investigation into the actions of the officer, who has not been named, the department said.

Instead, she said, officers had intended to detain Cortez along with the other two men on suspicion of firearms possession.

The two other men were released without being arrested, while Cortez was arrested for resisting an executive officer.

One of the officers moved suddenly toward him in an apparent attempt to grab his phone, the video shows.

Rocio Cortez recalled how her son grew emotional as he recounted watching the police squad coming toward him and his friend. »

Finland will be self-sufficient in electricity within a year or two, says minister

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Finland will be self-sufficient in electricity within a year or two, predicts Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Cen).

If the Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) nuclear reactor works as planned after the turn of the year, Finland will take a step towards electricity self-sufficiency.

The most recent project this autumn is the construction of the Aurora Line electricity transmission connection between Finland and Sweden. »

A verbal encounter with police at a Black Lives Matter protest led pregnant activist to 4-year prison sentence

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"She has had preterm labor, she's had several events where she had to be taken on an emergency basis to the hospital," Rosado told CNN.

Martin was arrested in Sumter, South Carolina, after taking part in June 2020 protests prompted by the police killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Rosado said the verbal encounter that led to Martin's arrest was along the lines of, "I'm willing to die for the Black, are you willing to die for the blue? »

Vladimir Putin wins race to be first world leader to congratulate Charles III for becoming King

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Vladimir Putin was the first world leader to congratulate King Charles III on his official accession to the throne - even though the new King once compared the Russian president with Adolf Hitler.

In a brief message, Putin sent his "sincere congratulations" from the Kremlin to King Charles.

Putin and King Charles have met a handful of times, including during the Russian leader’s state visit to Britain in 2003. »

Gears Of War Studio Is Donating 1% Of Revenue For Suicide Awareness Month

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Gears of War studio The Coalition has pledged to donate money and help raise awareness about suicide for September's Suicide Awareness Month.

The donation period runs through June 2023, but the partnership for suicide awareness and prevention is ongoing, a spokesperson for Microsoft told GameSpot.

The studio added that the Gears of War series is known for its themes of "loss, grief, trauma, and even suicide." »