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Saturday September 10th, 2022 morning edition

image for NATO calls on allies to supply winter uniforms for Ukrainian army

Banners displaying the NATO logo are placed at the entrance of new NATO headquarters during the move to the new building, in Brussels, Belgium April 19, 2018.

BRUSSELS, Sept 9 (Reuters) - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg urged allies on Friday to supply Kyiv with winter gear such as clothing, tents and generators to enable Ukrainian troops to keep on fighting Russia's invasion in the cold season.

Average winter temperatures are below freezing for much of the country and it is not unusual for temperatures to drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

"The winter is coming, it's going to be hard, and therefore we need both to continue to supply weapons and ammunition but also winter clothing, tents, generators and all the specific equipment which is needed for the winter," Stoltenberg told reporters after meeting U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Brussels.

"Partly because the size of the Ukrainian army has just increased so much, they need more of this kind of winter equipment, and NATO is particularly focused on how we can provide tens of thousands of, for instance, winter uniforms," Stoltenberg added.

Stoltenberg called on NATO allies to ramp up defence production, as well to stock up their own inventories so they could deliver more weapons to Kyiv.

"This is also about ensuring that we have the weapons, the ammunitions, the capabilities in place for our own deterrence and defence," he underlined. »

Oberlin College to pay $36.59M to bakery owners who claim they were falsely accused of racism

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"The power of truth has enabled the Gibson family to survive Oberlin's onslaught," attorney Brandon W. McHugh, representing the bakery owners, said in a statement.

The case stems from the November 2016 arrests of three Black Oberlin students at the bakery and market near the college's campus in Oberlin, Ohio.

This 2013 file photo shows a student riding a bicycle on the campus of Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. »

Biden's speech worked: Nearly 6 in 10 Americans agree MAGA is a threat to democracy

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What they found was a solid 58% of respondents agreed with Biden that Trump and his movement are undermining democracy.

Interestingly, 59% also agreed that the speech was "divisive," showing that all the media handwringing was influencing people's responses.

It would be an overstatement to suggest Biden caused Americans to wake up to the threats with a single speech. »