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Wednesday September 7th, 2022 night edition

image for California fast-food workers could see their wages reach $22 an hour next year

The landmark law creates a 10-member Fast Food Council with equal numbers of workers' delegates and employers' representatives, along with two state officials, empowered to set minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions in California.

Newsom said he was proud to sign the measure into law on Labor Day.

"California is committed to ensuring that the men and women who have helped build our world-class economy are able to share in the state's prosperity," he said in a statement.

"Today's action gives hardworking fast food workers a stronger voice and seat at the table to set fair wages and critical health and safety standards across the industry.".

The law caps minimum wage increases for fast-food workers at chains with more than 100 restaurants at $22 an hour next year, compared to the statewide minimum of $15.50 an hour, with cost of living increases thereafter.

Sen. Brian Dahle, the Republican nominee for governor in November, had called it "a steppingstone to unionize all these workers.".

But supporters of the legislation hailed it as a big win for workers, with Assemblywoman Luz Rivas calling it a "watershed moment" for labor. »

Newly obtained surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county's elections office before voting machine breach

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Three days after the breach, Latham texted the Coffee County elections supervisor, "Did you all finish with the scanner?"

The newly obtained surveillance video and text messages in the civil lawsuit suggest the fake elector plot and the effort to breach voting machines in Georgia were part of a larger, coordinated plan to subvert the 2020 election.

The newly obtained surveillance video shows Logan also visited the Coffee County elections office more than once in January 2021, roughly two weeks after the breach took place. »

Long-lost brothers separated in 1945 are to be reunited after 77 years apart

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A pair of long-lost brothers who were separated as children in 1945 are to be reunited for the first time after 77 YEARS apart.

Ted, along with siblings Barry and John, were all separated from their youngest brother Geoff after their mum tragically died of cancer, aged just 30, in 1945.

Ted, Barry and John had all tried several times over the years to find their little brother without any success. »

Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6) — list of changes

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Below you can find the list of the most notable changes coming in this update.

Added some secrets related to the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series to be discovered in Night City, including new equipment and new Photo Mode features.

If you're enjoying Roach Race in Cyberpunk 2077, check out the mobile version for Android and iOS. »

Dream job: the Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing

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TOKYO, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Shoji Morimoto has what some would see as a dream job: he gets paid to do pretty much nothing.

The 38-year-old Tokyo resident charges 10,000 yen ($71) per booking to accompany clients and simply exist as a companion.

Roughly a quarter of them are repeat customers, including one who has hired him 270 times. »