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Sunday September 4th, 2022 day edition

image for Video resurfaces of Trump calling Democrats ‘fascists’ as Conservatives rage over Biden speech

A clip showing former president Donald Trump labelling Democrats as “fascists” is making the rounds online after conservatives attacked President Joe Biden for slamming “MAGA Republicans” in a prime-time address.

“President Biden tonight gave the speech of dictator in the style of a dictator, in the visual of a dictator, using the words of a dictator,” said Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to Mr Trump, during an appearance on Fox News after the speech.

However, also in the wake of the speech, a video has since begun circulating that appears to show Mr Trump making a more blanketed attack on the party across the aisle, all while flanked by military personnel.

Matthew Sheffield, a journalist with The Young Turks, shared the clip of the one-term president on Twitter on Friday night.

We have to win this election,” Mr Trump adds in the since viral clip.

Mr Trump was known throughout his administration for giving progressives within the Democratic party unearned labels.

“The funniest part of people finding and reposting this is that at the time it got basically zero coverage because it was completely par for the course for Trump,” said Mr Hayes. »

Patriot Front, a group considered to be white nationalists, seen marching through downtown Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS — What appears to be a group of people part of the Patriot Front movement marched Saturday through downtown Indianapolis.

The group was seen marching around downtown Indianapolis, including on Monument Circle during the Indianapolis Labor Fest.

It's not clear why they were marching and it hasn't been posted under the action section on the group's website yet. »

Brazilian man survives 11 days floating alone in a freezer on the ocean

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A Brazilian man reportedly survived 11 days in the Atlantic Ocean last month, taking refuge inside a freezer after his boat sank, according to CNN affiliate Record TV.

He was able to jump inside the floating cooler to stay alive, and a group of fishermen found him 11 days later off the coast of Suriname.

According to Record TV he was treated at a hospital in Suriname and detained by authorities for a few days because he didn’t have proper documentation. »

Racine County man who illegally requested absentee ballots to prove voter fraud exists has been charged

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Racine County man who illegally requested absentee ballots to prove voter fraud exists has been charged.

MADISON - A Racine County man who illegally requested absentee ballots to prove election fraud is possible has been charged with election fraud, the Wisconsin Department of Justice announced Thursday.

He was charged on Thursday with two counts of election fraud and two counts of unauthorized use of an individual's personal identifying information related to his scheme to commit fraud. »

The Callisto Protocol will get “full year of support” — update

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The Callisto Protocol might get new modes and DLC post-launch, with developer Striking Distance Studios planning to invest in the title as the beginning of a major, "expandable" franchise.

Will the Callisto Protocol be getting post-launch DLC?.

Let us know in the comments if you're more likely to check out The Callisto Protocol now that it has some longevity planned. »