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Saturday September 3rd, 2022 day edition

image for ‘They are human beings’: Chicago mayor welcomes migrants bussed by Texas

Chicago received its first busloads of 79 migrants, in this case Venezuelans, on Wednesday night.

At a press conference, Lightfoot said she could not “fully make up for the cruelty that our new neighbours have experienced”.

01:37 'A man without morals': Chicago mayor chides Texas governor for expelling migrants – video.

Among the 75 arrivals to Chicago were seven infants, and a total of 20 children and teens, according to local authorities.

Chicago is now bracing itself for the arrival of further busloads of migrants after the city became the third target of Abbott’s political gambit.

The Democratic mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has counter-attacked by accusing the Texas governor of inhumanity.

Migrants arriving in Chicago will not be asked about their immigration status, and their information will not be shared with federal authorities or law enforcement, under city rules. »

Death Valley hits 127 degrees, setting record for hottest September day on the planet

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The national park, famous for being one of the hottest places on the planet, set a new record for the hottest September day anywhere on the planet when its Furnace Creek thermometer hit 127 degrees on Thursday.

The ground is then radiating heat back up into the air," Death Valley National Park spokeswoman Abby Wines said.

The record-breaking heat comes less than a month after monsoon rain caused flash flooding in Death Valley National Park, severely damaging several roads. »

Australian Signals Directorate 50-cent coin code cracked by Tasmanian 14yo in 'just over an hour'

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A 14-year-old boy has cracked four levels of code imprinted on a commemorative 50-cent coin released by the nation's foreign intelligence cybersecurity agency.

Key points: ASD director-general Rachel Noble said the 14-year-old cracked the encryption in just over an hour.

ASD director-general Rachel Noble said the 14-year-old cracked the encryption in just over an hour She said the agency hoped to meet him "and recruit him". »

Russian taxi app hacked with hundreds of drivers ordered to same location, causing huge traffic jams in Moscow (video)

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Hackers targeted a Russian taxi app by sending hundreds of drivers to the same address, causing huge traffic jams in the city of Moscow amid Ukraine invasion.

Yandex Taxi, a Russian app similar to Uber that allows users to order cabs to their location, was reported to have been targeted Thursday morning, September 1.

‘Drivers still spent about 40 minutes in traffic jams due to fake orders. »

As Biden warned about democracy’s collapse, TV networks aired reruns

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While President Biden warned the nation about threats to democracy in a prime-time address on Thursday, ABC was airing a game show, “Press Your Luck.”

Presidents rarely make speeches during prime TV viewing hours, and typically only do so to address a national crisis or matter of exceptional urgency.

The networks, in turn, typically carry presidential speeches when the White House requests the time and after previewing the president’s remarks. »