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Thursday September 1st, 2022 evening edition

image for Michael Cohen believes Trump is likely keeping copies of top-secret documents at his children's homes, Bedminster, and Trump Tower

Michael Cohen thinks Trump could have copies of the top-secret files found at Mar-a-Lago.

Cohen said Trump might have stashed the documents at his homes in Bedminster and New York.

Cohen also suggested that these files might also be in the homes of Trump's children.

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Michael Cohen, who was once former President Donald Trump's lawyer, believes Trump likely has copies of the classified documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago stashed in other locations.

"I believe Trump has copies, potentially other documents as well, at other locations including his children's homes, Weisselberg's florida home, Bedminster, NJ golf course, Fifth Avenue apartment, etc…" Cohen tweeted.

It is unclear if the former president ever made copies of these documents, or if these copies are being kept at the former president's other homes. »

California passes bill to protect workers who smoke pot off the clock

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California could soon become the seventh state in the United States to protect pot-smoking employees.

The bill would not apply to other tests that might determine whether an employee is currently high.

Currently, six other states — Connecticut, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island — have enacted laws that protect employees who smoke marijuana at home and while off the clock. »

Top Russian oil official falls to death from hospital window - sources

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This content was produced in Russia, where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

MOSCOW, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Ravil Maganov, the chairman of Russia's second-largest oil producer Lukoil (LKOH.MM), died on Thursday after falling from a hospital window in Moscow, two sources familiar with the situation said, becoming the latest in a series of businessmen to meet with sudden unexplained deaths.

It quoted the source as saying Maganov had been admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack, and was also taking anti-depressants. »

Former Idaho state lawmaker convicted of raping legislative intern sentenced to 20 years in prison

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BOISE, Idaho — A former Idaho lawmaker convicted of raping a 19-year-old legislative intern has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime.

The sentence would at least deter von Ehlinger from committing another crime while he is incarcerated, Reardon said.

“You have a pattern of explaining, excusing, deflecting and blaming others for the circumstances you find yourself in,” Reardon said. »

Spirals of Delusion: How AI Distorts Decision-Making and Makes Dictators More Dangerous

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But thinking about AI in terms of a race for dominance misses the more fundamental ways in which AI is transforming global politics.

Another pioneer of artificial intelligence, Norbert Wiener, described AI as a “cybernetic” system—one that can respond and adapt to feedback.

For this reason, many observers have fretted that advances in AI will only strengthen the hand of dictators and further enable them to control their societies. »