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Wednesday August 31st, 2022 night edition

image for Just paint a wind turbine blade to save birds and bats

It’s also one of the most promising—some calculations suggest that strategically placed wind turbines could conceivably power the entire planet.

Each year, turbine blades kill hundreds of thousands of birds and bats.

As wind power becomes more prevalent, this number may rise into the millions—although it’s important to remember that other power generation methods likely kill far more birds than wind farms do.

This concern has led to a number of proposed interventions, from turning off wind farms during migrations to installing special whistles only bats can hear.

A new study presents a relatively low-cost, set-it-and-forget-it option: just paint one of the turbine blades black.

For three and a half years, they counted how many birds were killed by each turbine.

But a method like painting a single blade—something “practical and functional,” as the authors write, that doesn’t appreciably increase the cost or reduce the viability of wind farms overall—is exciting. »

Trump Woke Up and Went on a 60-Post, QAnon-Fueled Social Media Spree

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Trump is spending his morning on Truth Social directly posting 4chan and Q messages, a day after calling to be reinstated as president.

Trump has now amplified QAnon-promoting accounts at least 70 times since joining and actively using Truth Social.

As recently as earlier this month, Trump posted a video of himself to Truth Social that featured a song affiliated with QAnon. »

Florida sex offender accused of trying to buy child again at grocery store for $100,000

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PORT ORANGE, Fla. – A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday after offering a parent at a grocery store $100,000 for their daughter, according to the Port Orange Police Department.

After the parent and child left the store, the affidavit said Kolb followed and shouted to get their attention before saying, “Hey, hey.

The affidavit said Kolb was arrested previously for trying to buy a child at a Walmart in Port Orange. »

Joe Biden pledges to ban assault weapons if Democrats control Congress after midterms

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President Joe Biden has pledged to ban assault weapons if the Democrats manage to strengthen their precarious hold over the House of Representatives and Senate at November’s midterm elections.

On gun control, Mr Biden invoked the spectre of recent mass shootings and the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act earlier this summer.

It does not include an assault weapons ban though, nor does it prohibit the types of high-capacity magazines that have become common tools of mass shooters. »