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Wednesday August 31st, 2022 day edition

image for Prosecute Trump — it will lower the heated political temperature

This time, Trump is deploying his typical strategies of nuisance lawsuits and favor-trading to evade justice.

Trump is leveraging the fears of another January 6 — or worse — in hopes that it will intimidate law enforcement into backing down.

Trump, of course, immediately endorsed the threat by posting the video on his likely soon-to-be-bankrupt Truth Social network.

Trump has also been turning up the temperature generally by returning to his claims that President Joe Biden should be ousted.

On the contrary, this is all the more reason for the DOJ to go forward and prosecute Trump for his crimes.

But Trump simply has a harder time promulgating his bullshit when there's a countervailing narrative out there underpinned by facts.

There may, if Trump is prosecuted, be some violence, especially at the hands of his most deluded followers. »

Just paint a wind turbine blade to save birds and bats

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It’s also one of the most promising—some calculations suggest that strategically placed wind turbines could conceivably power the entire planet.

As wind power becomes more prevalent, this number may rise into the millions—although it’s important to remember that other power generation methods likely kill far more birds than wind farms do.

But a method like painting a single blade—something “practical and functional,” as the authors write, that doesn’t appreciably increase the cost or reduce the viability of wind farms overall—is exciting. »

Florida sex offender accused of trying to buy child again at grocery store for $100,000

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PORT ORANGE, Fla. – A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday after offering a parent at a grocery store $100,000 for their daughter, according to the Port Orange Police Department.

After the parent and child left the store, the affidavit said Kolb followed and shouted to get their attention before saying, “Hey, hey.

The affidavit said Kolb was arrested previously for trying to buy a child at a Walmart in Port Orange. »

‘Both sides’ are interested in reviving SNK vs. Capcom, says producer

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Oda referenced collaborative promotional posters which were released at this month’s 2022 Evo fighting game tournament, featuring artwork from both SNK and Capcom games.

Unsurprisingly, the nostalgic merch was well received by fans, and Oda told VGC it ‘reconfirmed’ the public’s huge interest in a potential SNK vs. Capcom revival.

Asked if he was interested in creating a new SNK vs. Capcom game, Oda said: “Definitely in the future, that’s something that I think everybody on all sides, in both parties, are interested in making a reality. »