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Tuesday August 30th, 2022 morning edition

image for John Fetterman's campaign says he'll press Biden to 'finally decriminalize marijuana' when they march together in an upcoming Pittsburgh parade

Biden will be joined by PA Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman at a Labor Day parade next week.

Fetterman's campaign says he plans to ask Biden to "finally decriminalize marijuana.".

Marijuana decriminalization is broadly popular, and Biden has piled up a series of political wins recently.

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President Joe Biden is planning a visit next Monday to Pittsburgh, where he is expected to be joined by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in the city's annual Labor Day parade.

And Fetterman — the Democratic nominee for US Senate this year — will pressure Biden on "the need to finally decriminalize marijuana," according to a campaign spokesman Joe Calvello.

And Biden pledged to decriminalize marijuana during the 2020 presidential campaign. »

Sixteen bison calves born to Banff herd this year

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BANFF – Banff’s bison herd has grown to between 85 and 90 animals after 16 bison calves were born in the spring.

Parks Canada officials say the herd is doing well, but will update in more detail on the progress later this year.

“Overall, the bison are doing well in the 1,200 square kilometre re-introduction zone,” said Kat Trivers, strategic communications advisor for Parks Canada, in a statement. »

China drought causes Yangtze to dry up, sparking shortage of hydropower

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A record-breaking drought has caused some rivers in China – including parts of the Yangtze – to dry up, affecting hydropower, halting shipping, and forcing major companies to suspend operations.

Photograph showing the low water levels of the Yangtze River at Wuhan as a result of this year’s drought.

Last week Sichuan suspended or limited power supply to thousands of factories and rationed public electricity usage due to the shortage. »

Hillary Clinton Posts Old Dancing Photo in Solidarity With Finnish Prime Minister

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Hillary Clinton has a message for Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin: “Keep dancing.”.

Clinton showed her support for Marin after the Prime Minister faced backlash when footage of her singing and dancing with celebrities was leaked earlier this month.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Put Out Fires, Rappel Down Cliff Faces and Talk to Celebs in First Trailer for ‘Gutsy’ (Video). »

Xbox has revamped the Games & Apps library with a new interface

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The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles share an interface, with a large button on the dashboard dedicated to pooling your digital games.

The latest build on the Xbox Insider Program has some refinements to the Games & Apps library, adding a tabbed interface that separates content by source.

The new Xbox Games & Apps library is available now as part of the Xbox Insider Program, and will likely roll out to the general public in the coming weeks. »