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Monday August 29th, 2022 night edition

image for This Teenager Invented a Low-Cost Tool to Spot Elephant Poachers in Real Time

Globally, ivory trade has been illegal for more than 30 years, and elephant hunting has been prohibited in India since the 1970s.

Curious, Puri did some research and discovered a shocking statistic: Africa’s forest elephant population had declined by about 62 percent between 2002 and 2011.

A wildlife lover, Puri wanted to do something to help protect the species and others still threatened by poaching.

Drones are currently used to detect and capture images of poachers, and they aren’t that accurate, the teenager explains.

“I realized that we could use this disparity between these two movement patterns in order to actually increase the detection accuracy of potential poachers,” she says.

ElSa uses a $250 FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera with 206x156 pixel resolution that plugs into an off-the-shelf iPhone 6.

Puri reached out to the computer scientist about her idea to catch elephant poachers using movement patterns, and Bondi-Kelly became her mentor for the project. »

Russia 'Absolutely' Tried to Infiltrate Mar-a-Lago: Former FBI Official

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During his interview on MSNBC, host Katie Phang asked Strzok if he believes it's a possibility that the Russians would have been interested and "possibly tried to infiltrate" Mar-a-Lago to get classified information.

Strzok was fired from the FBI after text messages from 2016 were released revealing anti-Trump remarks between himself and FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The former president also said that the FBI search was part of a broader partisan "witch hunt" targeting him and his family. »

'Disgusting': Kinzinger slams Republicans who went after Hillary Clinton over her emails but are now defending Trump taking classified material to Mar-a-Lago

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Kinzinger slammed fellow GOP members criticizing Clinton over her emails but backing Trump following the Mar-a-Lago raid.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger slammed fellow Republicans who criticized Hillary Clinton over emails but are backing former President Donald Trump after storing highly-classified documents at his Florida estate. »

BP Whiting, Indiana, refinery shut; timing of restart unknown -sources

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BP spokesperson Christina Audisho said on Friday the refinery is "continuing to assess when a restart of the affected units can take place.".

The Whiting refinery outage sent Chicago CBOB gasoline up 30.5 cents a gallon on Thursday and ultra-low sulfur diesel up 17 cents.

The shutdown of one of the largest refineries in the Midwest comes as farmers are beginning fall harvest across the northern central states. »

Germany: Gas storage filling up faster than expected ahead of winter

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"The reservoirs are filling up quicker than planned," he told German magazine Der Spiegel according to a report published on Sunday.

The government target of reaching 85% storage capacity by October could be achieved by the beginning of September, according to Habeck's ministry.

The next target is 95% by November 1, which at the current rate should also be met ahead of time. »