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Saturday August 27th, 2022 evening edition

image for Woman claims God gave her an STD and says it is a ‘blessing’

Well now, one woman has put a positive spin on her sexually transmitted disease diagnosis by embracing it as a sign from God.

The mum-of-one opened up about her previous alcohol intake, binge eating and bad finances and has since reached the conclusion that God gave her herpes so she can "make better choices".

Catching the STD changed everything for Harbushka, who now dedicates her TikTok platform to breaking the stigma around herpes.

She also launched the company LifeWithHerpes, filled with useful information for those in the same boat.

"Herpes can actually be a blessing," Harbushka declared in one of her recent clips.

"I had to change my diet, get rid of the toxic people in my life, I just made a lot of changes.".

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Infant and toddler found abandoned in southern Arizona desert

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LUKEVILLE, AZ — A toddler and an infant are alive after they were found abandoned in the southern Arizona desert.

The agent went to that location and found a four-month-old face down and unresponsive and an 18-month-old crying nearby.

The agent started first aid on the children and immediately called for help from Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). »

New York's whipped cream charger law requires proof of age

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Because of this, the state prohibited the sale of whipped cream chargers to those under the age of 21 last November.

The chargers themselves can be purchased for use in refillable whipped cream dispensers, but most people likely will notice enforcement of the law when they buy whipped cream packaged in a canister.

Read more about the bill prohibiting whipped cream charger sales to individuals under the age of 21 on the New York Senate website. »