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Thursday August 25th, 2022 evening edition

image for DeSantis says ‘woke’ 5 times in 19 seconds in culture war laden primary speech

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Ron DeSantis is the new conservative culture war champion, and he’s not letting you forget it.

In one moment during his victory speech on Tuesday, observers on social media pointed out that Mr DeSantis bemoaned the left’s “woke” agenda five times in less than 20 seconds, clearly in an effort to keep his fans’ attention or at least start an echo in the building.

Mr DeSantis is currently the only nationally prominent Republican who polls in the double digits in a hypothetical presidential primary matchup against Donald Trump.

He has a strong advantage over his Democratic challenger, Charlie Crist, going into November’s election and led Mr Crist by 8 percentage points in two recent polls. »

Florida activist wants to donate Arabic ‘In God We Trust’ signs to Texas schools

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A Florida activist is raising money to send Texas schools “In God We Trust” signs — in Arabic.

On Sunday, Chaz Stevens launched a GoFundMe campaign, “Messing with Texas,” to raise $10,000 for the posters with the motto in Arabic.

“We really could use your help in our quest to battle Texas’ latest law — ‘In God We Trust’ signs in public schools,” Stevens said in a tweet. »

The Legend Of Zelda A Link to the Past Decompiled To Run On PC

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Game code for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been decompiled, and can now run natively on PC.

How To Run The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past On PC.

In addition to being able to run the original machine code side by side, this decompiled port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past also supports snapshots. »

Dem win in key special election stuns GOP, jolts political world

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Democrat Pat Ryan won the hotly contested special election Tuesday, defeating Republican Marc Molinaro, NBC News projected.

With just about all of the votes counted, Ryan appears to have prevailed by about 2 percentage points.

It’s also a district that flipped from “blue” to “red” in the Republicans’ 2010 wave election, only to flip back from “red” to “blue” in the Democrats’ 2018 wave election. »