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Wednesday August 24th, 2022 day edition

image for President of Poland: entire territory of Ukraine should be liberated, including Crimea


Polish President Andrzej Duda has declared the need to liberate the entire territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, from the Russian occupation.

He said this in Kyiv during a speech at the second summit of the Crimea platform, "European Pravda" reports.

Just as Gdańsk or Lublin are part of Poland, Crimea is and will be part of Ukraine," Duda said in Ukrainian.

The entire territory of Ukraine must be liberated, including Crimea," Duda said.

The Crimea Platform is an international consultation and coordination format created in 2021 that aims to achieve the liberation of Crimea. »

Biden administration forecasts $1.03 trillion deficit, down by nearly $400 billion

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In full, this year’s deficit will decline by $1.7 trillion, representing the single largest decline in the federal deficit in American history, the Office of Management and Budget says.

Despite the gains, the administration said Tuesday that it is forecasting a deficit of $1.03 trillion for the budget year that ends Sept. 30.

That number signifies a movement away from the record deficit in 2020, which reached $3.13 trillion. »

Lawsuit asks judge to block marijuana legalization from appearing on Missouri ballot • Missouri Independent

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An anti-drug legalization activist has filed a lawsuit arguing a recreational marijuana initiative petition was improperly certified by Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and should not appear on the November ballot.

Protect Our Kids PAC, a Colorado-based super PAC launched earlier this year that opposes the legalization of drugs, is helping support the lawsuit.

Additionally, the lawsuit contends the marijuana petition violates the single-subject rule by containing multiple subjects and unrelated matters. »

Unix legend, who owes us nothing, keeps fixing foundational AWK code

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I wish I understood git better, but in spite of your help, I still don't have a proper understanding, so this may take a while.".

Kernighan is the "K" in AWK, a special-purpose language for extracting and manipulating language that was key to Unix's pipeline features and interoperability between systems.

Kernighan, now 80, offhandedly mentions in the interview that he has also patched something "quick and dirty" to let AWK handle CSV files. »

Matt Gaetz, Under Federal Investigation For Sex Trafficking, Wins His GOP Primary

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R), the Florida congressman who has spent much of the past two years under federal investigation for alleged sex trafficking, won his GOP primary Tuesday, likely ensuring another term representing his deep red panhandle district.

Gaetz denied having ever paid a woman for sex, and no indictments have been disclosed.

The allegations surfaced in April 2021, linked to the arrest of Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector for Seminole County, on a sex trafficking charge. »