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Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 night edition

image for Uber driver paused mid-ride to rescue people from burning Brooklyn building

Fritz Sam started his day driving an Uber in New York City, just as he had for the past seven years.

Choose your plan ArrowRight He had picked up a passenger, Jemimah James Wei, around 8 a.m. in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

They darted toward the commotion, and “flames were shooting out of the building.

A crowd had gathered on the sidewalk, and people were panicking as residents rushed out of the building.

Sam handed a stranger his cellphone, he said, “and I just ran upstairs into the building, screaming, ‘Everybody, get out!

Uber caught wind of her tweet, and Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s chief executive, called Sam to thank him.

Uber also honored him with a “hometown hero” award and added him to its 2022 Yearbook, which commemorated several standout drivers and couriers. »

Teachers at Ohio's largest school district vote to strike just before start of school year

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(CNN) Teachers at Ohio's largest school district voted Sunday to go on strike for better learning and teaching conditions, just days before school is scheduled to start, according to the teachers' union.

Just a day before the vote in Ohio, a union representing about 2,000 School District of Philadelphia employees voted to authorize a strike for higher wages and adequate training programs -- just over one week before school there is set to start.

Also weighing on teachers are a growing number of school shootings and changing guidance on what educators are allowed to teach. »

GOP candidate said it’s “totally just” to stone gay people to death

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In 2013, Esk was commenting in a Facebook conversation about the Pope saying that he couldn’t judge gay people.

Esk posted some Bible quotations, including the part of Romans 1 where the Bible says that a long list of people who sinned is “worthy of death.”.

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The Trump Mar-a-Lago search was justified

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Trump was the president and commander-in-chief up until noon on January 20, 2021.

The government gathered evidence that the Trump lawyer was not being truthful, and on August 8, 2022, a court-authorized search warrant was executed that, sure enough, located several more classified documents.

Those search warrants also tend to result in agents rummaging through areas that contain personal items but which fall within the scope of the search warrant, just as happened at Mar-a-Lago. »