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Friday August 19th, 2022 evening edition

image for Texas child welfare agency scrambles as turnover hits new high

One child welfare worker said she knew she needed to quit when, last year, she visited the home of a parent suspected of child neglect.

Several others said they were offended by Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to launch child abuse investigations into families of transgender children.

“The focus has been taken so far away from child safety that I don’t want to do this job anymore,” said a current Houston-area caseworker.

Most of the departures have affected Child Protective Services, the division responsible for ensuring the safety and health of Texas children.

At the core of their jobs, CPS workers take on cases — allegations of child neglect, the placement of a child recently orphaned, the anonymous tip claiming abuse.

Child protective workers had an average 17.6 cases each day in the 2021 fiscal year, according to state data.

“There are a ton of social workers who do already identify with the LGBTQ community, me being one myself,” McCowen said. »

Alabama county GOP shared KKK imagery by ‘mistake,’ chairman says

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Sunday night, a post was made on the Lawrence County Republican Party’s page, thanking the group’s former chairman and welcoming the new chairman, Shanon Terry.

The post was taken down later that night and then reposted with a different GOP elephant image, but not before Facebook users noted the Ku Klux Klan imagery.

Some have even called on the new chairman to resign from the county’s school board. »

The FBI warrant confirmed that Trump is in serious trouble

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There has been nothing that could counter the simple fact confirmed last Friday: Donald Trump is under federal criminal investigation.

For once, Trump is caught in a binary, one that asks whether classified materials were or were not recovered from his home.

It’s the exact kind of black-and-white court case that Trump managed to avoid for his entire time in public life. »

Moms for Liberty activist wants LGBTQ students separated into special classes

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An anti-LGBTQ Moms for Liberty activist told MSNBC that she believes LGBTQ students should have separate classes from straight and cisgender students in schools.

Field Report with Paola Ramos aired last week and discussed the rightward movement among Latino voters, especially in Florida.

Moms for Liberty gained notoriety during the pandemic as they attended and protested school board meetings to oppose mask mandates and LGBTQ inclusivity in schools. »