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Wednesday August 17th, 2022 night edition

image for Matt Gaetz Sparks Outrage Over Hosting High School Event: 'Absolutely Vile'

Gaetz is due to appear Tuesday night at the annual Academy Night at Niceville High School, where students typically learn about how they can attend U.S. service (or military) academies.

Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and said the Justice Department's investigation is part of a government operation against him and like-minded Republicans.

The allegations against Gaetz and his slated appearance at Niceville High School, prompted Cara Marion, a candidate for the Okaloosa County School Board, to ask: "What message are we sending our kids?".

And so, what they've said is they're very displeased with the fact the Okaloosa County School District is agreeing to have Matt Gaetz, who is under investigation for sex trafficking.".

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Marion is not alone in her condemnation of Gaetz and the Okaloosa school district's decision for him to host the high school event.

It called on Congress to "direct Matt Gaetz to step aside while the investigation for alleged sex trafficking a minor [is] ongoing.". »

This 17-Year-Old Designed a Motor That Could Potentially Transform the Electric Car Industry

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“I have a natural interest in electric motors,” says Sansone, who had used them in different robotics projects.

This kind of motor is currently used for pumps and fans, but it isn’t powerful enough by itself to be used in an electric vehicle.

“Rare-earth materials in existing electric motors are a major factor undermining the sustainability of electric vehicles,” he says. »

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Immortality, Tinykin, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and More

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My favorite part about announcing games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass is that feeling where you know you’re about to make someone’s day.

We’ve got all of these and more for you coming soon to Game Pass (and maybe some more surprises later this week) so let’s jump in!.

Jump into these games at via browser, Xbox Game Pass app for Android, or Xbox app for PC – no controller required!. »

Def Con hacker shows John Deere’s tractors can run Doom

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Security researcher Sick Codes worked with Doom modder Skelegant to get the game running on a John Deere tractor display and showed off some gameplay at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas.

Sick Codes says the whole process took months and involved jailbreaking the Linux system used by the John Deere 4240 tractor.

But Sick Codes isn’t just jailbreaking tractors to get them to run Doom. »

FBI rescues more than 200 trafficking victims, including 84 children, in "Operation Cross Country"

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Law enforcement across the country rescued more than 200 sex trafficking victims, including 84 children, in a nationwide sweep dubbed "Operation Cross Country," the FBI announced Monday.

Authorities located 84 victims of child sex trafficking, as well as 37 children that were actively missing during the campaign, the FBI said.

In 2021, more than half of all trafficking victims in the U.S. were minors, according to the Human Trafficking Institute. »