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Tuesday August 16th, 2022 night edition

image for Vladimir Putin claims Russia's weapons are 'decades ahead' of Western counterparts

Vladimir Putin has boasted of Russia's "high-precision weapons", saying Moscow is ready to sell them to global allies, (Reuters).

Vladimir Putin has boasted of Russia's "high-precision weapons", saying Moscow is ready to sell them to global allies as the war in Ukraine stretches into its sixth month.

Participants listen to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a ceremony opening the international military-technical forum Army-2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has boasted of the weaponry Russia would sell to allies.

Putin added Russia could offer new models and systems, saying: "We are talking about high-precision weapons and robotics, about combat systems based on new physical principles.

Despite this, Putin has insisted Russia's army and its supporters in the east of Ukraine were fulfilling their objectives.

Earlier this month the US announced a new $1 billion package of military aid and weapons would be sent to Ukraine. »

Trump warns ‘terrible things are going to happen’ as he’s blamed for anti-FBI violence

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Donald Trump has warned that “terrible things are going to happen” as he faces the blame for violence and threats directed at FBI agents.

Trump supporters and his GOP allies reacted with outrage following the search of Mar-a-Lago by the FBI last week.

On Monday afternoon, Mr Trump accused the FBI of taking three of his passports during last week’s Mar-a-Lago search. »

Private Division Announces Publishing Partnership with Wētā Workshop – Private Division

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Middle-earth Enterprises has been producing and licensing films, merchandise and stage productions based on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books for more than four decades.

With headquarters located in Berkeley, California, its website may be found at About Wētā Workshop.

Wētā Workshop brings imaginary worlds to life by delivering concept design, physical effects, collectables, immersive visitor experiences and games to the world’s entertainment and creative industries. »

War in Ukraine Has Sparked a New Race to Succeed Putin

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The war in Ukraine and ensuing sanctions have failed to cement Russia’s power vertical or unify the country’s influential business and political groups.

The war has, therefore, set in motion a public race of the successors.

But whatever that future looks like, there appears to be less and less room in it for Putin. »