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Saturday August 13rd, 2022 morning edition

image for Fox News airs edited photo of Trump raid judge with Ghislaine Maxwell

Fox News has been slammed for airing a doctored image of the federal judge who signed off on the recent Mar-a-Lago search warrant seemingly getting a foot massage from Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, stand-in host Brian Kilmeade showed the fake image of Maxwell and Bruce Reinhart, who has been the target of death threats and harassment over the raid.

He likes Oreos and whiskey,” Kilmeade said during his handover to 9pm Fox host Sean Hannity.

Ghislaine Maxwell gives Epstein a foot massage in pictures released by prosecutors (US District Attorney’s Office).

Fox News aired a doctored image of Trump raid judge Bruce Reinhart with Ghislaine Maxwell (Twitter).

According to the Miami Herald, Judge Reinhart worked at the South Florida US Attorney’s office during its investigation into Epstein during the mid-2000s.

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the FBI had been seeking classified documents related to nuclear weapons in Monday’s raid. »

California to become 1st state to offer free school lunches for all students

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Starting this school year, instead of worrying about packing a lunch, students across California can get yummy options at no cost.

MERCED, Calif. -- With food prices, inflation, and food insecurity on the rise in California, leaders in education are taking action.

Beginning this school year, California will be the first state to implement the Universal Meals program, providing free meals to all schoolchildren. »

TikTok users are 'vabbing' — wearing their vaginal juices as perfume to activate their natural attraction. A scientist says that makes no sense.

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Some TikTok users say "vabbing," or wearing their vaginal secretions as perfume, helps them attract potential partners.

Some TikTok users are wearing their vaginal secretions as do-it-yourself perfume after hearing the trick can boost sexual attraction.

The trend, called "vabbing," became fodder on TikTok after user Mandy Lee shared a now-deleted video endorsing the practice. »

Trump under investigation for potential violations of Espionage Act, warrant reveals

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Donald Trump is under criminal investigation for potential violations of the Espionage Act and additional statutes relating to obstruction of justice and destroying federal government records, according to the search warrant executed by FBI agents at the former president’s home on Monday.

The disclosures, which came in an attachment to the search warrant, mark a dramatic escalation in the justice department’s criminal inquiries into Trump.

They represent perhaps one of the most treacherous legal and political moments faced to date by the former president. »

FBI took 11 sets of classified material from Trump's Mar-a-Lago home while investigating possible Espionage Act violations

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The warrant receipt didn't detail the subject of these classified documents but did note that federal agents seized just one set marked "top secret/SCI.".

Agents also took four sets of "top secret" documents, three sets of "secret" documents, and three sets of "confidential" documents, court documents show.

In total, the unsealed warrant shows the FBI collected more than 20 boxes, as well as binders of photos, sets of classified government materials and at least one handwritten note. »