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Saturday August 13rd, 2022 day edition

image for Some Trump Allies Reportedly Are Trying To 'Go Dark' Amid Search Warrant Revelations

“Some of them are starting to go dark and to stay as far away from this as they can.”.

Some of the seized classified information was highly sensitive and top secret, designated to remain only in a secure government facility.

Sources told The Washington Post in a report Thursday that some of the classified documents were believed to be related to nuclear weapons, which was a key reason for the urgent search.

The warrant indicated that Trump is under investigation for a possible violation of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice, and removing and destroying official documents.

The Espionage Act prohibits anyone from obtaining defense information with the possible intent of using it against the U.S. or to further the interests of a foreign country.

Trump has called the legal search a “raid,” a “siege,” “lawless” and “corrupt.”.

Though several Trump allies appear to be “going dark,” Dawsey predicted that others will continue to speak out on the former president’s behalf, citing their faith in his “Houdini-like” ability to escape accountability. »

The U.S. announces a $2 billion 10-year program to strengthen democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa

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The strategy focuses on strengthening democracy but, it also aims to counter Russian and Chinese influence.

The United States of America will invest US$2 billion over ten years to boost democracy and good governance in sub-Saharan Africa.

At the same time, trade exchanges between the continent and the USA dropped continually, from US142 billion in 2008 to US64 billion in 2021. »

Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Confirmed: California Team Achieved Ignition

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A major breakthrough in nuclear fusion has been confirmed a year after it was achieved at a laboratory in California.

Ignition during a fusion reaction essentially means that the reaction itself produced enough energy to be self-sustaining, which would be necessary in the use of fusion to generate electricity.

"The record shot was a major scientific advance in fusion research, which establishes that fusion ignition in the lab is possible at NIF," said Omar Hurricane, chief scientist for LLNL's inertial confinement fusion program, in a statement. »

TikTok users are 'vabbing' — wearing their vaginal juices as perfume to activate their natural attraction. A scientist says that makes no sense.

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Some TikTok users say "vabbing," or wearing their vaginal secretions as perfume, helps them attract potential partners.

Some TikTok users are wearing their vaginal secretions as do-it-yourself perfume after hearing the trick can boost sexual attraction.

The trend, called "vabbing," became fodder on TikTok after user Mandy Lee shared a now-deleted video endorsing the practice. »