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Friday August 12nd, 2022 evening edition

image for Cornea made from pig collagen gives people who were blind 20/20 vision

Twenty people who were legally blind or visually impaired received a transplant of a cornea made from pig collagen.

All of them had improved sight, including three who now have 20/20 vision after being legally blind.

The cornea made from pig collagen THOR BALKHED/LINKÖPING UNIVERSITY.

Corneas made from pig collagen have restored sight for people who were previously legally blind or visually impaired.

Two years after the operations, none of the recipients have reported serious complications or adverse side effects.

Because collagen is a structured protein that lacks individual cells, a recipient’s immune system shouldn’t reject the porcine cornea.

Esen Akpek at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland says the new cornea may not be as groundbreaking at it first seems. »

California to become 1st state to offer free school lunches for all students

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Starting this school year, instead of worrying about packing a lunch, students across California can get yummy options at no cost.

MERCED, Calif. -- With food prices, inflation, and food insecurity on the rise in California, leaders in education are taking action.

Beginning this school year, California will be the first state to implement the Universal Meals program, providing free meals to all schoolchildren. »

Trump denies report that FBI sought nuclear documents during Mar-a-Lago search

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Trump attacked the officials involved with the search of his home, calling them "sleazy.".

Details of documents sought by the FBI, such as whether the nuclear weapons in question were tied to the United States or another country, were not immediately clear.

Garland on Thursday suggested that Trump had not turned over all of the material sought by the Justice Department. »