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Saturday August 6th, 2022 evening edition

image for Indiana state representative proposed bill to outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs in light of abortion ban

Indiana Rep. John L Bartlett proposed an amendment to the states abortion ban to outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs.

"If, in fact, an unwanted pregnancy is an act of God, then impotence is an act of God," he said.

After the debate, Indiana became the first state to pass a new abortion ban since the overturning of Roe v Wade.

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Indiana Representative recently proposed an amendment to the state's abortion law that would outlaw erectile dysfunction drugs.

State Representative John L. Bartlett, who represents Indiana House District 95, proposed an amendment to Indiana's abortion law to outlaw the sale, prescription, or distribution of erectile dysfunction drugs and other male sexual incompetence drugs. »

Fecal fountains: CDC warns of diarrheal outbreaks linked to poopy splash pads

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This week the agency published a report outlining two gastrointestinal outbreaks linked to a single recreational splash pad in Kansas.

Although some circumstances are specific to that particular splash pad in Kansas, the outbreaks highlight the common risk of such facilities, which are often unregulated.

"As splash pad use increases, exempting splash pads from regulation under public health codes needs to be reconsidered," the report's authors concluded. »

Satire and Geopolitics: Vulgarity, Ambiguity and the Body Grotesque in South Park

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Satire is often political, excoriating the mistakes and deviances of popular figures or situations of the time, drawing heavily on grotesque and bodily humour to do so.

This is followed by a discussion of the work of Mikheal Bakhtin and its relevance for accounting for ambiguous and crass satire.

The paper concludes with suggestions of how ambiguity and vulgarity should be embraced as important areas of scholarship. »

Hummingbird that was feared extinct is spotted in Colombian mountains

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The Santa Marta sabrewing, an emerald green hummingbird, has been officially documented for only the second time since it was discovered in 1946.

After years of attempts to find one of the world’s 10 most wanted bird species, the Santa Marta sabrewing has been unexpectedly rediscovered deep in the mountains of Colombia.

The tiny hummingbird had only been officially spotted twice: once when it was discovered in 1946 and again in 2010 when it landed serendipitously in a researcher’s mist net. »