The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham

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Supreme Court confirmation hearings aren’t usually burned into people’s minds, but there were a number of things that went down during Brett Kavanaugh‘s that will be difficult to ever forget. For one thing, the fact that he referenced his love of beer approximately 30 times, telling the lawmakers interviewing him for the job: “We drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.” For another thing, the fact that his answer to the question “Was there ever a time when you drank so much that you couldn’t remember what happened or part of what happened the night before?” wasn’t a simple “No” or “Not since college,” but “Have you?” Then, of course, there was the weeping over calendars.

Still, the thing that probably struck people as the most memorable, because it was the most disturbing, was the fact that much of the proceedings centered around the credible accusations of sexual misconduct that had been lodged against the would-be justice, most notably by Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted and tried to rape her when they were in high school. (Kavanaugh has denied this and all other allegations against him.)

Given these allegations—in addition to Kavanaugh’s temperament, which, to put it in terms he can understand, could be best described as “a hothead who just did a 10 Jägerbombs”—it struck many as outrageous for him to be given a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. That sense of outrage only deepened last year, when we learned that the FBI had received 4,500—4,500!—tips about Kavanaugh, which were referred to the White House, i.e. the organization trying to get the guy confirmed to the Court. And now, the FBI has confirmed that, yeah, it didn’t really feel the need to look into any of those tips, and when it did follow up on some, the White House was making sure it didn’t dig too far.

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had the following exchange with FBI director Christopher Wray (emphasis ours):

KinkyKitty24 on August 6th, 2022 at 02:02 UTC »

There were more than 4500 tips given to the FBI on Kavanaugh but in cases where the person being investigated is a POTUS appointee then the WH gets to determine the scope of the investigation.

I have to wonder if that means that a new investigation can be opened because that POS should have never been on the bench.

JayGold on August 6th, 2022 at 01:49 UTC »

So, it is true that, consistent with the longstanding process that we have had going all the way back to at least the Bush administration, the Obama administration, the Trump administration, and continue to follow currently under the Biden administration, that in a limited supplemental B.I., we take direction from the requesting entity, which in this case was the White House, as to what follow-up they want. That’s the direction we’ve followed. That’s the direction we’ve consistently followed throughout the decades, frankly.

"So you didn't vet him because Trump didn't give permission?"

"You have to understand, we never vet them unless the president who recommended them gives permission."

That sounds...worse.

dubphonics on August 5th, 2022 at 23:41 UTC »

this crap load of inaction at the highest levels of oversight is beyond the pale. this all borderlines on the surreal at this point.