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Friday August 5th, 2022 evening edition

image for China halts climate, military ties over Pelosi Taiwan visit

WASHINGTON (AP) — China announced Friday it was ending all contact with the United States on major issues — including crucial climate cooperation that led to the international 2015 Paris accord — as tensions and public rebukes ratcheted higher over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

ADVERTISEMENT. China-U.S. relations are “in a downward spiral,” said Bonnie Glaser, head of the Asia program at the German Marshall Fund.

China on Thursday launched threatening military exercises in six zones just off Taiwan’s coasts, and they will run through Sunday.

China routinely criticizes the self-governing island having its own contacts with foreign governments, but its response to the Pelosi visit — she was the highest-ranking American official in 25 years —has been unusually strong.

China stopped short of interrupting economic and trade talks, where it is looking to Biden to lift tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump on imports from China.

China said Friday that more than 100 warplanes and 10 warships have taken part in the live-fire military drills surrounding Taiwan over the past two days, while announcing mainly symbolic sanctions against Pelosi and her family .

In Tokyo, where Pelosi is winding up her Asia trip, she said China cannot stop U.S. officials from visiting Taiwan. »

BLM approves bison grazing on 63,500 acres in Montana

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The Bureau of Land Management reported July 28, 2022, that it would indeed allow bison to graze six allotments in Phillips County, Montana.

The BLM also said one common allotment grazed with another livestock operator would remain approved for cattle-only grazing.

Year-round grazing is approved for three allotments; two of which had been previously authorized for bison grazing. »

Japan's prime minister calls for 'immediate cancellation' of Chinese military drills

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Japan's prime minister on Friday condemned China's firing of ballistic missiles during military drills around Taiwan, calling them a "serious problem that impacts our national security and the safety of our citizens".

Five Chinese missiles appear to have fallen in the country's exclusive economic zone, Tokyo has said, with four of those believed to have flown over Taiwan's main island.

“I told her that we have called for the immediate cancellation of the military drills.”. »

Yle: Russia is burning gas into the air on the border with Finland

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Russia is burning natural gas into the air at the border.

This may indicate that it is already difficult for Russia to store the extracted gas, and they began to simply burn it there.

"Instead of earning billions of euros from supplies, the Russians are forced to simply burn the extracted gas into the air. »

French mayor to ask Mont Blanc climbers for €15,000 rescue and funeral deposit

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The finer detail specifies that €10,000 would cover the cost of a rescue and €5,000 a funeral.

“So let’s anticipate the cost of having to rescue them, and for their burial, because it’s unacceptable that French taxpayers should foot the bill.”.

The peak can also be reached by taking the Ratti path from Courmayeur, on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, although it is much less used. »