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Thursday August 4th, 2022 night edition

image for Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was ’100% real’

Jones testified Wednesday that he now understands it was irresponsible of him to declare the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre a hoax and that he now believes it was “100% real."

“The day Sandy Hook happened, Alex Jones planted a seed of misinformation that lasted a decade,” parents’ attorney Kyle Farrar told the jury in closing arguments.

Jones — who has been banned from major social media platforms for hate speech and abusive behavior — has portrayed the lawsuit as an attack on his First Amendment rights and complained that he’s been “typecast as someone that runs around talking about Sandy Hook, makes money off Sandy Hook, is obsessed by Sandy Hook.”.

And he came under withering attack from the plaintiffs attorneys under cross examination, as they reviewed Jones’ own video claims about Sandy Hook over the years, and accused him of lying and trying to hide evidence, including text messages and emails about Sandy Hook.

It also included internal emails sent by an Infowars employee that said “this Sandy Hook stuff is killing us.”.

Sandy Hook families have separately sued Jones over his financial claims, arguing that the company is trying to protect millions owned by Jones and his family through shell entities. »

Cost Plus Drugs: Mark Cuban's Pharmacy Startup Sells Ultra-Cheap Medications

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The medication ledger of the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (yes, that's the full name) is long.

Cost Plus Drugs also sells the generic versions of a variety of mental health medications like Wellbutrin, used to treat depression, and Adapin, sometimes prescribed for anxiety.

Checked Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs to see how much my prescriptions would be. »

Diablo Immortal whale spends $100k, loses access to PvP

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UPDATE: Activision Blizzard has responded to PCGamesN with regards to this story, explaining “we’ve heard feedback that some Diablo Immortal players are unable to find matches in Battleground PvP, or it might take a long time.

A Diablo Immortal whale says PvP games have become inaccessible after they have spent $100,000 USD upgrading their character in Blizzard’s free-to-play RPG, leaving them unable to compete in either battlegrounds or the Immortal clan contest Rite of Exile.

If you’re an Immortal player and need to know more about the Rite of Exile, you can check out our Shadow War guide. »

Utah man accused of causing wildfire by burning a spider

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Firefighters battle a wildfire from the ground as a helicopter drops water above them in Springville on Monday, Aug. 1, 2022.

The fire started when a man tried to burn a spider with a lighter.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah man has been arrested on accusations he started a wildfire while trying to burn a spider with his lighter. »

A losing anti-abortion referendum in Kansas cranked up voter turnout by a staggering amount, flagging a massive new problem for Republicans

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The high turnout is a major loss for anti-abortion groups and a warning sign for the GOP.

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It also — for now — maintains Kansas' status as a crucial access point for abortion care in the Midwest and Southwest. »