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Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 night edition

image for Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival Canceled After Court Ruling Made It Illegal to Keep Guns Out of Event

The likely cause, industry sources tell Billboard, are recent changes to Georgia gun laws that prevent the festival from banning guns on to the publicly owned festival grounds.

“Hey Midtown fans — due to circumstances beyond our control, Music Midtown will no longer be taking place this year,” a statement posted on Music Midtown’s website reads.

“We were looking forward to reuniting in September and hope we can all get back to enjoying the festival together again soon.”.

That changed in 2019 when the Georgia Supreme Court set new rules on what types of businesses could and couldn’t bar guns on publicly owned land.

Businesses and groups that held certain types of long-term leases for state-owned land could legally bar guns, while businesses with shorter term leases could not.

While the ruling favored the Botanical Garden, it created legal issues for festivals like Music Midtown that held short term leases for city parks sites.

The festival, launched in 1996 by Atlanta-based music promoters Alex Cooley, Peter Conlon and Alex Hoffman, had long barred attendees from bringing guns into the event. »

Sony says it believes Xbox owning Call of Duty ‘could influence users’ console choice’

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Sony believes Call of Duty could inspire users to switch to Xbox following Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

However, large portions highlight the importance the PlayStation firm puts in Call of Duty, a franchise which it claims “influences users’ console choice.”.

In its questionnaire answers, Sony calls Call of Duty “an essential game: a blockbuster, an AAA-type game that has no rival.”. »

Hawley vows to vote ‘no’ on adding Sweden and Finland to NATO

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“Finland and Sweden want to join the Atlantic Alliance to head off further Russian aggression in Europe.

Finland and Sweden in May announced their intentions to join NATO following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Eighteen House Republicans last month voted against a symbolic resolution to support Finland and Sweden joining NATO. »

Break stuff! How Limp Bizkit, rioting fans and a huge candle handout led to a music festival fiasco

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But something tells me that Fyre festival is going to be superseded, because Netflix is about to release a series about Woodstock 99.

“It was almost like a perfect experiment,” says Tim Wardle, the show’s executive producer, of the conditions that led to all the chaos.

What’s so incredible is the speed at which all the contributing factors – the heat, the dehydration, the violence, the drugs – went berserk. »