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Monday August 1st, 2022 morning edition

image for Russia calls on Kosovo, US, EU to stop 'provocations,' respect Serbs in Kosovo

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Microsoft Claims Activision Blizzard Makes No "Must Have" Games

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Microsoft claims that Activision Blizzard doesn’t make any unique or “must have” games for it to be considered a legal threat to competition.

In its letter to the Commerce Commission in New Zealand, Microsoft defends its bid to acquire Activision Blizzard by tackling concerns raised regarding competition in those markets where the company operates.

Similarly, with respect to mobile games market, Microsoft claims that one of the key drivers of growth is the low barriers to entry. »

Alabama Official Told Reporter Her Skirt Was Too Short To Witness An Execution

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Even after pulling the skirt down to her hips to make the hemline fall lower, she was still told it was “not appropriate,” she wrote.

After changing into tennis shoes she had in her car, Hrynkiw was finally permitted to cover the execution.

Another reporter who was present, Lee Hedgepeth, of the local CBS affiliate, confirmed on Thursday that the department told a reporter her skirt was too short to witness the execution, prompting her to borrow pants from a colleague. »

Kinzinger Calls Cruz 'Utter Fraud' After He Defends Vote Against Veterans

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"I think Ted Cruz bears some responsibility for not enforcing the red line," Kinzinger told a writer for The Washington Post in 2015.

In regards to the PACT Act vote, Cruz posted a video to Twitter on Friday, responding to the criticism he received from Stewart.

"Democrats were aware of this concern before [Wednesday's] vote but ignored it and refused to allow a vote to fix the bill. »