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Saturday July 30th, 2022 morning edition

image for Baby boomers facing spike in homelessness: "As much as we try, we might be stuck"

"It's hard because as much as we try, we feel that the system pushes you to the position that we are," the 65-year-old told CBS News.

Negrete said she does not see how she and her family will get back on their feet.

"I don't see any way, especially with everything so expensive, like gas, the rents, everything," she said.

Negrete is a member of one of the fastest growing groups now facing homelessness: baby boomers.

Like her, many worked low-paying jobs and had no savings to fall back on when times got tough.

And now I have to move because they've increased the rent above what I even earn for a given month,'" said Teresa Smith.

Smith started Dreams for Change, an organization that helps homeless people by providing jobs and safe parking for those with cars. »

Massachusetts grants absolution to its last remaining witch

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Seventeen members of Carrier’s family, including Johnson’s mother who was Carrier’s first cousin, ended up being arrested.

Once the hysteria died down, many of the convicted (or their families) petitioned to have the convictions reversed.

Johnson was once again overlooked and remained the last person in the state guilty of witchcraft in the eyes of the law. »

War in Taiwan will be more shocking than Ukraine | Nigel Ingster

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This, argues Nigel Inkster - former director of operations for MI6, is false.

If they conclude that peaceful reunification is no longer an option with Taiwan, a military strike from China will be ‘massive and overwhelming’.

At the same time it is likely that as CIA Director William Burns has observed, China will have drawn one lesson from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. »

Russia Shelled Already Taken Territory to Cover Up War Crimes: Officials

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Ukrainian officials accused Russia of shelling a separatist region in the east of Ukraine, which Moscow already controls, in an effort to cover up war crimes.

Top Kyiv officials rejected the claim, saying that Russia had slaughtered the POWs and then falsely blamed the violence on Ukraine's HIMARS.

"With the barbaric overnight shelling in #Olenivka the russian occupiers tried to destroy evidence and cover up the torture and execution of Ukrainian prisoners of war. »