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Friday July 29th, 2022 night edition

image for Female inmates raped after guard sold key to their cells, lawsuit says

The female inmates expected a guard on a routine check when a door opened at the Clark County jail in Jeffersonville, Ind., late one night last October.

The two male inmates left, only to return with more men who exposed their genitals, yelled obscenities and groped the women, according to the lawsuit.

Two female inmates were raped, the lawsuit claims.

“A sheriff at the jail — they have one job, and that’s to keep inmates safe and secure.

That corrections officer, Lowe, told The Post he made a mistake that allowed male inmates to steal the keys that gave them access to the female pod.

Wilder, the attorney representing the sheriff’s office, challenged the female inmates’ claims implicating the agency.

Then, one of them raped her as the others threatened her to keep quiet, the inmates allege. »

First 100,000 KG Removed From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch • Updates • The Ocean Cleanup

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Today, our operation in the Pacific Ocean reached an exciting milestone: The Ocean Cleanup has now officially removed more than 100,000 kg of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP).

According to our 2018 study in which we mapped the patch, the total amount of accumulated plastic is 79,000,000 kg, or 100,000,000 kg if we include the Outer GPGP.

Thus, if we repeat this 100,000 kg haul 1,000 times – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be gone. »

Judge: Wisconsin probe found 'absolutely no' election fraud

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“I think the people of the state of Wisconsin have been punished enough for this case," Bailey-Rihn said.

An Associated Press review of Wisconsin and other battleground states also found far too little fraud to have tipped the election for Trump.

"We have absolutely found out from this case there was absolutely no evidence of election fraud.”. »

Michigan restaurant closes early due to ‘rude’ and ‘cocky’ tourists: ‘We are not here to be abused’

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The 27-year-old has worked at the restaurant, described as a “down-to-earth neighborhood haunt” in reviews by locals, for six months.

“Everybody in the service industry knows that we’re gonna get slammed (by the festival) but that it’s gonna be worthwhile,” Moore explained.

This year, East Park Tavern experienced so much rowdiness and disrespect from customers that Moore decided they'd had enough. »