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Friday July 22nd, 2022 night edition

image for Long-awaited bill to end federal ban on marijuana introduced in U.S. Senate

Long-awaited U.S. Senate cannabis legislation that would end the federal ban on marijuana while encouraging research and taking steps to help minority communities hardest hit by the war on drugs was introduced Thursday.

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act would leave it to the states to decide whether to legalize the drug.

Those state-legal businesses would be able to obtain checking accounts, credit cards and other financial services now denied to them.

Federal law would still prevent using or selling cannabis in states that have not legalized the drug.

The bill would limit the sale of cannabis to those 21 and older, and fund programs to prevent youth marijuana use.

Marijuana testing for federal workers would be limited to those employees in areas such as national security, law enforcement, and commercial transportation.

The House twice has passed legislation to end the federal ban on cannabis and help communities and individuals hardest hit by the war on drugs. »

A Walgreens employee refused to sell condoms to a couple on religious grounds

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A pair of shoppers at a Walgreens in Wisconsin said an employee refused to sell condoms to them on religious grounds — something Walgreens said is permitted under its policies.

He said when she went to the checkout, the cashier said he would not ring up the condoms, because of his faith.

Pentz also tweeted the couple's customer service response to Walgreens, which said the employee "embarrass[ed] [her] in front of other customers because of her reproductive choices.". »

Why the Human Rights Movement Is Losing

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Human rights activists interpret their movement’s iconic victories as triumphs of unyielding rectitude that lay the groundwork for future progressive causes.

In 2012, Aryeh Neier, the co-founder of Human Rights Watch, wrote that the antislavery movement was the first true human rights campaign because its adherents mobilized for the rights of others.

The problem is that advocates for human rights have misunderstood the sources of their own historical success. »

Boris Johnson signs off with ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ as he exits Parliament

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed off his final appearance before Parliament with the mic drop statement, “Hasta la vista, baby.”.

Johnson also received a standing ovation from the Conservative benches, though his predecessor, Theresa May, refused to join in the applause.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his final appearance before Parliament on Wednesday. »