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Tuesday July 19th, 2022 morning edition

image for Former Xbox Developer 'Doesn't Think We're There Yet' With Cloud Gaming

Microsoft is pushing hard to make mainstream cloud gaming reality, partnering with Samsung to release a smart TV app while making it a big part of the Xbox Game Pass package.

But at least one former Xbox developer thinks there are still plenty of issues to work out.

Hook, who once helped launch Xbox Live and most recently worked on Halo Infinite, has his doubts.

Best Xbox Game Pass Games 30 Images.

And if everything's going to be in the cloud, you can't have millisecond delays, especially for what I consider AAA, like e-sports and competitive games, that just won't work.

Regardless, Xbox continues to press ahead with cloud gaming while publishers like Square Enix release cloud-based games of their own, such as the widely-panned Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix for Nintendo Switch.

Either way, we're getting close to a turning point, with Hook himself acknowledging that we're "getting dang close" to a truly high-quality cloud gaming experience. »

Danny Trejo congratulates son Gilbert on 8 years of sobriety

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Danny Trejo is sending some love to his son Gilbert as he celebrates a huge milestone.

Trejo shared on social media that Sunday marks "8 years clean and sober" for his son.

Actor Danny Trejo (L) and his son Gilbert Trejo attend the premiere of "Alita Battle Angel" on February 5, 2019 at the Westwood Village Regency Theatre in Westwood, California. »

Man Pulls Gun on Women Who Didn't Thank Him for Holding Door Open: Police

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A 25-year-old Connecticut man on Saturday allegedly pulled out a gun on two women because they did not thank him for holding a door open for them, according to local police.

When officers arrived, a witness told police that a man, later identified as Joshua Murray, allegedly pointed a gun at the women for whom he held a door open.

When police located Murray, they allegedly found a firearm on him, and when they arrested him, he allegedly interfered. »

Gov. Greg Abbott did not attend funerals for any of the Uvalde shooting victims

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The last funeral held in Uvalde for victims was on June 16, when 11-year-old Layla Salazar was laid to rest.

Garza added that Sen. Ted Cruz, who also attended some prayer vigils for victims, similarly failed to reach out to victims' families.

Correction: Governor Abbott visited Uvalde, Texas on June 5 for a 6 p.m. community worship event at the Uvalde County Fairplex, per his official schedule. »

Wild bison return to UK for first time in thousands of years

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The Wilder Blean project, near Canterbury, is an experiment to see how well the bison can act as natural “ecosystem engineers” and restore wildlife.

The bison in other UK wildlife parks are contained in smaller areas and receive supplementary feeding.

In future, they hope to provide bison to found other sites in the UK, as well as exchanging animals across Europe. »