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Monday July 18th, 2022 evening edition

image for It’s time for the Democratic Party’s geriatric leaders to relinquish power

More than ever before, the Democratic Party needs to heed Kennedy’s advice and transfer power from the gerontocracy in the White House, U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives to a new generation of leaders.

At age 79, President Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States.

President Biden, who campaigned in 2020 as a healer, has restored democratic norms, honesty, and integrity to the Executive Branch.

A solid majority of Americans, it’s also worth noting, support mandatory retirement for elected officials — most say at age 70.

In the summer and fall, as new and aspiring Democratic leaders reframe the issues, they could energize the traditional constituencies of their party and independents.

And then maybe, just maybe, in November 2022, Democrats will surprise pundits, pollsters, themselves, and lots of other Americans.

He is the co-author (with Stuart Blumin) of “Rude Republic: Americans and Their Politics in the Nineteenth Century. »

Humanity faces ‘collective suicide’ over climate crisis, warns UN chief

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António Guterres told ministers from 40 countries meeting to discuss the climate crisis on Monday: “Half of humanity is in the danger zone, from floods, droughts, extreme storms and wildfires.

All countries agreed to come forward this year with improved national plans for greenhouse gas emissions, known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Demand that they change their tired frameworks and policies to take more risk … Let’s show developing countries that they can rely on their partners. »

Black man awaiting kidney transplant beaten by hospital security

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The daughter of a late Black kidney patient wants justice against the security guards who attacked and wrongly detained him, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This reportedly caught the attention of other security guards, who started suspecting he was looking for cars to steal, reporters learned.

Hospital security officers detained a black man they suspected of “casing” a parking garage, beat him, and told him to never come back. »

Joe Walsh's MAGA warning: If Trump is indicted, expect "major violence"

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If Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis runs in '24, name me one Democrat that can punch DeSantis or Trump in the nose.

Donald Trump and his followers have embraced the "King MAGA" moniker as a badge of pride.

Few people want to talk about the fact that Liz Cheney voted for Trump in 2020, Liz Cheney campaigned for Trump. »