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Sunday July 3rd, 2022 evening edition

image for Meeting of Afghan clerics ends with silence on education for girls

A gathering of thousands of Afghan clerics and elders has ended with a call for international recognition, but silence on the country’s ban on secondary education for girls.

Nearly a year since their surprise military triumph across Afghanistan, not a single country has officially recognised the Taliban as the legitimate government.

Diplomats say the ban on girls’ education is one of the main reasons the Taliban are still international outcasts.

It is resented by many in the movement’s ranks, who want their own daughters to be educated.

There had been hope they might offer political incentives or cover for the Taliban leadership to reverse course on the ban.

But only two out of more than 4,500 participants called for the reopening of secondary schools for girls, Afghanistan’s Tolo television channel reported.

And in their final communique, the clerics made only passing reference to the need for “religious and modern education” and to respect “the rights of women”. »

China’s Vast Maritime Claims Are Becoming Reality

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Wang began by addressing Canada’s protests over China’s harassment of its reconnaissance aircraft, which were enforcing United Nations sanctions of North Korea.

Under this formulation, this vast maritime commons is unilaterally reclassified as China’s domestic territory, ostensibly marking it outside of UNCLOS’ purview.

Thus, when a U.N.-mandated tribunal ruled in 2016 that its claims were nonsense, Beijing could simply shrug its shoulders. »

‘Polluting the air we breathe’: Mechanic sentenced for selling thousands of devices that allowed trucks to bypass emissions controls

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Matthew Sidney Geouge, 35, of Hendersonville, N.C., pleaded guilty last year to violating the Clean Air Act and tax evasion.

Some drivers believe the federally mandated control systems, which drastically reduce pollution, inhibit the performance of their trucks.

In 2015, the EPA issued a citation to Geouge ordering him to stop selling the devices, which prosecutors say he ignored. »

James Webb Space Telescope operating better than expected

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Bigger and better than the famous Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope launched back on Christmas Day.

Six months later, it’s now sending back pictures and data from outer space while still being ‘commissioned,’ or tested.

The telescope is actually performing better than scientists thought it could. »

Spain to crack down on videogame 'loot boxes' blamed for pathological behaviour

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MADRID, June 1 (Reuters) - Spain is set to become the first European country to have a law regulating the use of so-called loot boxes in videogames, aiming to avoid "thoughtless, compulsive or even pathological" consumer behaviour, the government said on Wednesday.

The loot boxes – digital packages of virtual items that can be purchased using real money - are an important source of developers' revenue.

They give players the chance to win desirable or often randomised game-changing equipment, and allow gaming companies a stream of high-margin income. »