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Saturday July 2nd, 2022 day edition

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Over and over this term, their decisions have put industry, religion (specifically, a conservative strain of Christianity) and special interests above facts.

Disregarding science and evidence is a terrible shift for the highest court in the land, which once safeguarded the health of the public in rulings that upheld state vaccine mandates and safe food production.

Even in decisions that uphold basic public health tenets, conservative justices have spouted misleading scientific claims.

The science is clear on this: we have to act now, and the Supreme Court made those actions harder.

As with every level of government, there is no requirement that the Supreme Court factor science into their decision-making.

Now the rest of the world is watching, and reacting to the decisions that our Supreme Court made this term.

We must not become the dystopian future so much science fiction has warned us about. »

Putin Ally Warns Former USSR Nations Need to Fall in Line to Stay Sovereign

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Lukashenko was meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday in Grodno, Belarus, as part of the ninth Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia when he made the comments.

Also on Friday, Putin claimed that the Western response to his war in Ukraine was pushing Russia and Belarus toward unification.

"The unprecedented political and sanction pressure from the so-called 'collective West' is pushing us to accelerate the unification processes," Putin said, according to a Kremlin transcript. »

School's out forever: Arizona moves "to kill public education" with new universal voucher law

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"The Republican universal voucher system is designed to kill public education," tweeted former Arizona House Rep. Diego Rodriguez.

For years, SOS Arizona says, their state has been treated as a "laboratory for predatory national privatizers" of education.

When the Network for Public Education graded states' commitment to public education in a "report card" earlier this year, Arizona came in last. »

EA criticised for appearing to mock people who ‘only like single-player games’

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Electronic Arts has received a hugely negative response to a tweet appearing to mock people who “only like playing single-player games”.

Jacksepticeye, the Irish YouTuber with nearly 30 million subscribers, wrote: “They’re a 10 but thought this tweet was a good idea.”.

Upcoming single-player games from EA include a Jedi sequel, a new Dragon Age title and a Dead Space remake. »