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Wednesday June 29th, 2022 morning edition

image for NATO: Finland and Sweden poised to join NATO after Turkey drops objection

Sweden and Finland look poised to join NATO after Turkey agreed to drop a block on the Nordic countries' application.

"I am pleased to announce that we now have an agreement that paves the way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO," he said.

"Turkey, Finland and Sweden have signed a memorandum that addresses Turkey's concerns, including around arms exports and the fight against terrorism.".

Finland and Sweden will receive a formal invitation to join the organisation on Wednesday, which will then require further steps like domestic ratification.

The Nordic states' attempt to join the alliance hit a stumbling block when President Erdogan said they supported Kurdish militants.

In the memorandum, Finland and Sweden stated they would not support the YPG/PYD, and the group known in Turkey as FETO.

Turkey suddenly agreed to support a bid by Sweden and Finland to join the transatlantic alliance in a dramatic U-turn after days of last-ditch diplomacy. »

Producer confirms Final Fantasy 16 uses ‘British English only’ and no American accents

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Final Fantasy 16’s producer has confirmed that the game uses British English only and no American accents, in order to channel the game’s medieval Europe setting.

“Currently, there is no game that depicts a medieval fantasy world of this scale with PS5 class graphics.

The decision was made to prevent American players from getting angry: ‘I was looking forward to medieval European fantasy, so why are there American accents? »

A 'heroic' civilian who killed a Colorado gunman was fatally shot by a responding officer

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A "heroic" civilian bystander who intervened in an active shooting in Colorado this week was fatally shot by a responding officer, CNN reports.

Police were responding to a suspicious person report in Arvada's Olde Town Square when the shooting suspect, identified as Ronald Troyke, got out of his car and fatally shot one of the police officers.

"A responding Arvada Police Officer then encountered Mr. Hurley, who was holding the suspect's AR-15," the police statement said. »

Majority of Americans Say It’s Time to Place Term Limits on the Supreme Court

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The poll found that a plurality of Americans support expanding the Supreme Court, with 45 percent in support of the idea and 38 percent in opposition.

Democrats introduced a bill last year that would add four seats to the Supreme Court, with the hope of installing a new Democratic majority on the Court.

Democrats have also introduced bills to create a non-renewable 18-year term limit for Supreme Court justices, an idea supported by Supreme Court watchdogs. »

January 6 committee has ‘very serious concerns’ Trump allies are trying to tamper with testimony

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The January 6 committee is alarmed that Donald Trump or his allies may be attempting to tamper with the testimony of witnesses participating in the congressional inquiry.

The committee shared anonymous testimony on Tuesday from January 6 witnesses detailing mob-style threats from unnamed people inside the Trump camp.

In February, congressman Pete Aguilar of California accused Mr Trump of trying to sway testimony by offering pardons if he’s re-elected as president. »