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Tuesday June 28th, 2022 morning edition

image for Family First does not qualify for charitable status, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court has ruled Family First does not qualify for charitable status, saying the group's work is not compatible with charity.

Family First appealed against its second deregistration, but the High Court dismissed the appeal.

That decision was then reversed by the Court of Appeal, which found the organisation did qualify as a charity.

"Applying that test, the Court found that Family First's purpose (exhibited by its trust deed and activities) crossed the line between education and advocacy.

Its purposes are discriminatory - it advocates for measures to prefer the traditional family to the disadvantage of others.".

The Court said Family First's engagement on abortion, assisted dying, prostitution, and censorship did not necessarily support its wider purpose of advocating for marriage and family.

I really am worried that if Family First can be deregistered for engaging in the democratic process, any charity can.". »

8-year-old Florida boy accidentally shoots and kills baby

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PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — An 8-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed a 1-year-old girl and injured a 2-year-old girl at a Florida motel on Sunday, authorities said.

The boy’s father left the gun holstered in his Pensacola motel room closet.

The boy’s father returned to the room, took the gun and what investigators believe were drugs and left the room again, Simmons said. »

Drunk Mayor Crashes Car After Meeting Families of Drunk Driving Victims

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Residents are furious over an Australian mayor's drunk driving crash just one hour after she met with the families of drunk driving victims.

Williams said she made "a serious error of judgment" and was "deeply regretful" after her drunk driving crash.

On Thursday afternoon, she hosted a video meeting with the families of drunk driving victims. »

Cyberpunk 2077’s external QA team allegedly misled CD Projekt over its experience

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A new report has alleged that the outsourced QA team behind Cyberpunk 2077 misled developer CD Projekt about the experience and size of its team working on the game.

However, instead of the QA team being comprised of veteran QA testers, the team was allegedly largely made up of junior members of staff with less than one year of experience.

CD Projekt was under the impression that the QA team was comprised largely of veteran QA staff, the video alleges, but even the QA project lead for Cyberpunk 2077 reportedly had around one year of experience. »

Petition To Impeach Clarence Thomas Passes 300,000 Signatures

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A petition organized by the pubic policy advocacy group MoveOn calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has passed 300,000 signatures.

"Recently, Justice Clarence Thomas voted against a Supreme Court decision to compel the release of Donald Trump's records regarding the January 6 insurrection and attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election," the petition said.

The petition comes alongside a growing contention that the Supreme Court should investigate Justice Thomas. »