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Tuesday June 28th, 2022 evening edition

image for The GOP would overturn the filibuster to impose a national abortion ban if it wins the midterms, ex-RNC chief suggests

Former RNC chief Michael Steele said the Republican Party would likely seek a national ban on abortion.

He said the party would likely suspend the filibuster to enact the ban if it retakes the Senate.

The SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade removed the constitutional right to an abortion.

Michael Steele, the former head of the Republican National Committee, slammed the GOP in its current form and suggested that it was prepared to push aside Senate rules and impose a national abortion ban if it retakes Congress in the November midterms.

Tur asked: "Sen. Chris Murphy said that if Republicans are able to retake the House and Senate, they will pass a federal ban on abortion.

Most Republican-leaning states have already enacted laws banning or significantly restricting access to abortion, or are poised to do so.

He has also said he opposed Roe v. Wade, and abortion access should be a question for states to decide. »

Drunk Mayor Crashes Car After Meeting Families of Drunk Driving Victims

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Residents are furious over an Australian mayor's drunk driving crash just one hour after she met with the families of drunk driving victims.

Williams said she made "a serious error of judgment" and was "deeply regretful" after her drunk driving crash.

On Thursday afternoon, she hosted a video meeting with the families of drunk driving victims. »

Fears of violence against pro-choice protests intensify amid wave of attacks

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Across the country, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered at protests objecting to the ruling.

The protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful but some have seen incidents of police violence – including attacks on protesters – and an incident of a car driving dangerously through marchers.

Law enforcement cracked down on protests in multiple states, wielding batons and forcibly removing protesters from public spaces and firing teargas in Arizona. »