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Sunday June 26th, 2022 evening edition

image for Swiss 'zero star hotel' offers sleepless nights to ponder world's crises

The Swiss concept artists' hotel room is essentially a double bed on a platform, with two bedside tables and lamps.

There are no walls, ceiling or doors to provide any privacy or shelter.

They have set up their null stern suite - German for zero star - on a roadside next to a petrol station in the village of Saillon, in the southern Swiss canton of Valais.

The intention is to make guests think about the problems in the world, the twin brothers said, and inspire them to act differently.

"If we continue in the same direction we are today, there might be more anti-idyllic places than idyllic.".

The suites, which come with butler service offering drinks and breakfast, will be available form July 1 to Sept. 18.

The price for an imperfect night's sleep: 325 Swiss francs ($337). »

Tear gas used to disperse protesters outside Arizona Capitol building, officials say

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Late Friday, law enforcement in Arizona used tear gas to disperse a crowd of abortion rights supporters protesting outside the State Capitol in Phoenix.

The crowd then moved across the street to the Wesley Bolin Plaza, where police used the tear gas after a monument was vandalized, Graves said.

Arizona State Troopers deploy tear gas as they confront protestors outside the Capitol building. »

FromSoftware Promises More Elden Ring Updates, Doesn’t Understand Why It’s More Played Than Dark Souls

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As for Elden Ring’s massive success, Miyazaki admitted that he, himself, is not sure why it’s more widely played compared to past FromSoftware games like the Dark Souls franchise/.

I got the impression that “ELDEN RING” is widely played by players other than existing FromSoftware fans and fans of the “DARK SOULS” series.

Elden Ring is clearly the culmination of FromSoftware’s past 13 years of experience and development philosophy of the souls franchise. »

Mass same-sex wedding in Mexico challenges discrimination

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Dayanny Marcelo and her wife Mayela Villalobos react after a judge declare officially married during a mass wedding ceremony organized by city authorities as part of the LGBT pride month celebrations, in Mexico City, Friday, June 24, 2022.

But this week they traveled the 235 miles (380 kilometers) to Mexico’s capital, where the city government hosted a mass wedding for same-sex couples as part of celebrations of LGBT Pride Month.

Walking around Mexico City a day before their wedding, Marcelo and Villalobos confessed to feeling strange holding hands in the city streets. »

India provides safety certification to Russian oil tankers

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Citing an Indian shipping source privy to the certification process, the report stated that through the Dubai unit, the bulk of Sovcomflot’s fleet has now transitioned to IRClass.

The move is expected to help Sovcomflot keep its fleet operational and supply Russian crude oil abroad.

Meanwhile, Sovcomflot’s CEO recently claimed that the firm had insured all its cargo vessels with Russian insurers. »